What is Cinemark RealD 3D?

Enhanced Storytelling Technology RealD is the global pioneer in digital 3D projection technology, and its patented “Light Doubling” technology offers the brightest, crispest, most immersive 3D presentation available, allowing audiences to truly fully experience the filmmakers’ vision.

What is Cinemark XD vs 3D?

Many people can not understand the difference between XD and 3D. 3D is a viewing plane, and the XD which is a digital stereoscopic projection of the 3D scene. Actually, there are not many differences with 3D because you are watching the scene in three dimensions in XD at the end.

Whats the difference between Cinemark XD and digital?

Each of the 33 individual theaters at Cinemark’s Movies 16 and Tinseltown in Lubbock has been upgraded for digital presentations. The XD stands for Extreme Digital cinema. The XD is unlike any other local theater. The XD’s silver screen extends from ceiling-to-floor and wall-to-wall.

What does XD mean in Cinemark?

Cinemark XD is our premium large-format theatre, with state of the art surround sound and digital projection technology, for a movie experience that puts you right in the action with the characters in FROZEN II, TERMINATOR: DARK FATE, and STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER.

Can you watch RealD 3D without glasses?

The two parts of a 3D signal that reach your eyes require the use of either Active Shutter or Passive Polarized Glasses to see the result. When such images are viewed without 3D glasses, you see two overlapping images that look slightly out of focus.

Is XD worth it at Cinemark?

In most instances, Cinemark XD theaters provide you with a superior viewing (and listening) experience compared to a standard theater. For ~$2.50 extra, the difference is worthwhile if you are watching an action movie or anything that relies heavily on special effects.

Do you have to wear glasses for Cinemark XD?

This theater movieplex offers the signature Cinemark Luxury Loungers with select-you-seat reservations. The XD experience is the way to go for blockbuster movies – better than 3D and no need to wear special glasses.

Do you wear glasses for RealD 3D?

The audience wears circularly polarized glasses that have oppositely polarized lenses that ensures each eye sees only its designated frame.