What is Focus Blue?

The Focus Blue is intended to provide Braille access to a computer or mobile device. To do this, the display must be connected over USB or Bluetooth and the computer must be running a screen reading application such as JAWS which sends spoken information to the Braille display.

How do I unlock my focus 40?

To unlock the keyboard so you can once again enter text or perform commands from the Focus Blue, press the Power button to display the status information and then simultaneously press a Cursor Router and the right Mode button.

What is a braille display device?

A braille display is one method blind or visually-impaired users can choose to interact with a computer as an alternative to a screen reader. A braille display consists of a rectangular device with grouped rows of pins. The pins are raised and lowered to spell out letters in the braille alphabet.

Why are braille displays so expensive?

The reason why the existing braille displays and readers cost so much is the underlying technology they’re based on. Most of the devices on the market use ceramic piezoelectric bimorphs, which raise a braille dot connected to them when excited by an electrical control signal.

Does iPhone have braille?

Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch supports braille entry directly on the device’s screen, without the need for a physical braille keyboard.

How do you connect Bluetooth to focus?

Enable bluetooth on Your phone, and press the PHONE button on Your Focus. Press OK, then You’ll see ADD A DEVICE. Press OK again. SYNC will prompt You to press OK once more to pair a new device.

What is a focus 40?

The 5th Generation of the Focus 40 Blue is a durable, lightweight Braille Display drop tested to MIL-STD-810G and designed to take on the challenges of every-day bumps and scrapes. Its user-friendly keyboard, convenient front panel controls, and retooled Braille pins make for smooth and quiet operation.

What is the cheapest braille display?

Since that time, another 20-cell braille display at a relatively low cost has entered the market, the Braille Me from Inovision.At the time of publication, at $499 it’s the cheapest braille display when purchased from the AT Guys.