What is James from BTR doing now?

Most recently, he starred in “Stars Fell on Alabama” (2021), and he’s slated to appear in the upcoming war film “Wolf Hound” among other projects. He also continued his work as a musician, releasing the pop solo album “How I Like It” in 2017 and the single “Love U Sober” in 2019.

Where is James Maslow now?

James Maslow Now Since then, he starred in See Dad Run, Sequestered, Seeds of Yesterday, 48 Hours to Live, Love Exclusively, Art Show Bingo, Bachelor Lions, Room for Murder and more! He’s also got four movies he’s working on at the moment, so yeah, the list seriously goes on and on.

How old is James Maslow now?

31 years (July 16, 1990)James Maslow / Age

Who plays James on Big Time Rush?

James MaslowJames Diamond / Played byJames David Maslow is an American actor and singer. He played the role of James Diamond on Nickelodeon’s Big Time Rush, had roles in Getaway and The Frozen Ground, and is a member of the boyband Big Time Rush.
He also starred as Kevin Mohr on the Sony Crackle original series Sequestered. Wikipedia

Is Big Time Rush coming back 2021?

All four original members — Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow, Logan Henderson and Carlos PenaVega — are back together. The group released “Call it Like I See It,” their first single in eight years, in 2021. A new single, “Not Giving You Up,” is out Friday on all streaming platforms.

What is James Maslow’s real name?

James David MaslowJames Maslow / Full name

How old are the guys from BTR?

“It was a crazy process, and a lot of us wondered why it took so long,” says 21-year-old James Maslow, who stars on the show with Kendall Schmidt (the youngest at 20) and 22-year-olds Carlos Pena Jr. and Logan Henderson.

Did Katie have a crush James?

Katie is laughing when James crashes through the wall. Katie may still have a crush on James. This is the seventh episode with a subplot between James and Katie.