What is Omerta by Mario Puzo about?

Don Aprile lives in New York, where he is known as a fair but merciless Mafia head. Aprile is a widower who does not want his children to follow him in illicit business. To save them, he sends them to private boarding schools and only sees them on holidays.

Is Mario Puzo alive?

July 2, 1999Mario Puzo / Date of death

Is omerta a godfather book?

Omerta: A Novel (The Godfather Book 3) – Kindle edition by Puzo, Mario. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.

What did Mario Puzo write?

Coppola and winning two Academy Awards, Mr. Puzo also was a writer on other films (including ”Earthquake,” ”Superman,” ”Superman II” and ”The Cotton Club”) and continued his career as a novelist. He wrote ”Fools Die” in 1978 (about gambling in Las Vegas) and sold the paperback rights for $2.55 million.

What did Frank Sinatra think of The Godfather movie?

Sinatra eventually warmed to The Godfather movie after Ruddy made concessions to Joe Columbo that the words “Mafia” and “Cosa Nostra” be cut from the screenplay. Frank also liked Francis Ford Coppola and told the director that if he could finance the movie himself, Sinatra would play Don Corleone.

Is the last don a true story?

The Last Don is a 1996 novel by American author Mario Puzo, best known as the author of the 1969 novel The Godfather. The story follows an aging Mafia Don and his family as they try to retain power….The Last Don.

U.S. first edition cover
Author Mario Puzo
Media type Print

In what order should I read The Godfather books?


  • The Family Corleone (2012) – set from 1933 to 1934.
  • The Godfather (1969) – set from 1945 to 1955.
  • The Sicilian (1984) – set in 1950.
  • The Godfather Returns (2004) – set from 1955 to 1962.
  • The Godfather’s Revenge (2006) – set from 1963 to 1964.