What is PG in cable gland?

PG cable gland full form is called Stahlpanzerrohrgewinde or Panzergewinde cable gland, which is Germany thread size type call. PG is one of the main thread types of the cable glands, the PG cable gland thread sizes(dimensions) are ranging from PG7 to PG63.

What is PG thread Type?

PG stands for Panzer-Gewinde and is an older German thread type. PG threads are straight threads designed with a smaller thread depth and larger flank angle. The 80° angle of the PG thread gives a shorter profile than the more common 60° angle found in Metric threads.

What is a PG 11 cable gland?

PG11 is one of the small types of cable gland fitting size because of the hole size only 18.6mm, this dimensions only allow the cable size in the range of 5-10mm and 3-7mm.

What size is PG 21?

Pg Thread DIN 40430 Steel Conduit Thread

For cable diameter mm Thread Size Major Diameter mm
Pg 16 22.5 14.0
Pg 16 22.5 14.0
Pg 21 28.3 18.0
Pg 21 28.3 18.0

What is a SWA gland?

Steel Wire Armoured Cables Glands (SWA) BW Gland. Brass BW armoured cable gland kit for indoor use, suitable to be used on all SWA cable, providing mechanical cable retention and electrical continuity via armour wire termination.

What size is pg7?

Details: Screw End Diameter: 11.5mm / 0.45″ Weight: 4.3g.

What is PG 29 thread?

What does this size PG29 call out? The PG stands for Panzer-Gewinde . This is a German type thread. The Main difference on this vs NPT and Metric is that the depth of the thread is smaller but has a larger flank angle, which makes it have a wider pitch along with a straight thread.

Whats the difference between PG and PG 13?

The ratings used since 1996 are: Rated G: General audiences – All ages admitted. Rated PG: Parental guidance suggested – Some material may not be suitable for children. Rated PG-13: Parents strongly cautioned – Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13.