What is steering system in automobile?

The main functions of the steering system is to provide vehicle turning per will of the driver, directional stability, it converts the rotary movement of the steering wheel into an angular turn of front wheels, and absorbs road shock from being transmitted to a driver’s hands.

What are the 4 main parts of a steering system?

Steering wheel: It is the control wheel to steer a vehicle by the driver. It contains traffic indicator switch, light switch, wiper switch etc.

  • Steering linkage: The steering wheels are turned by the steering linkage.
  • Steering shaft: The steering shaft is fitted inside the hollow steering column.
  • Steering gear:
  • What are the 6 types of steering system?

    Types of Steering Gears

    • Recirculating ball steering gear.
    • Rack and pinion steering gear.
    • The Worm and sector steering gear.
    • Worm and roller steering gear.
    • Worm and ball bearing nut steering gear.
    • Cam and roller steering gear.
    • The Cam and peg steering gear.
    • Cam and double lever steering gear.

    What are the 5 functions of a steering system?

    Functions of the steering system:

    • It provides wheels swinging to the left or right.
    • It provides vehicle turning as per the will of the driver.
    • It provides the directional stability.
    • It helps to control wear and tear of tyres.
    • It helps in achieving the self-rightening effect.

    What are types of steering system?

    There are two types of power steering systems: hydraulic and electric/electronic. A hydraulic-electric hybrid system is also possible. A hydraulic power steering (HPS) uses hydraulic pressure supplied by an engine-driven pump to assist the motion of turning the steering wheel.

    What is the main function of steering system?

    basic function of the steering system is to allow the driver to safely and precisely steer the vehicle. Beyond this, the steering system also provides a way to reduce driver effort by making the act of steering the vehicle easier.

    What are the 3 main parts of a steering system?

    3 Critical Components in a Power Steering System

    • The Pump. The power steering pump’s job is to pressurize the hydraulic fluid.
    • The Pump Pulley. Like a multitude of other components beneath your hood, the power steering pump receives its own power from your car’s engine.
    • The Rotary Valve.

    What is the steering system of a car?

    • The steering system of cars and trucks consists of levers, links, rods, and a gearbox and sometimes a hydraulic system that assists the driver’s steering effort. • The steering system is of critical importance in the safe operation of the vehicle.

    What is the principle of power steering?

    POWER STEERING…..  Principle is that liquids cannot be compressed.  Pressure is created by the pump and transmitted to the steering gear or in a few cases a separate power piston  Pressure is used to help the driver move the wheels  Pressure in a power steering system can rise to over 2000 psi (13,450 kpa) during hand turns.

    What is steering geometry?

    4.  The term “steering geometry” (also known as “front-end geometry”) refers to the angular Relationship between suspension and steering parts, front wheels, and the road surface.

    What are the basic requirements of steering system?

    NEEDS OF STEERING SYSTEM  It should multiply the turning effort applied on the steering wheel by the driver.  It should be to a certain extent irreversible.