What is the average cost of assisted living in PA?

The Cost of Assisted Living in Pennsylvania The monthly median cost of assisted living in Pennsylvania is $3,750, which is cheaper than the national average of $4,000.

How many assisted living facilities are in PA?

In Pennsylvania there are 1,339 assisted living facilities. We can help you find the best matches for your needs.

What is the average monthly cost of a nursing home in Pennsylvania?

Cost of Pennsylvania Nursing Homes The average cost of nursing homes in Pennsylvania is $3,555 per month. This is higher than the national average which is $228 per month.

How Does Medicare pay for assisted living?

Medicare does not pay for assisted living, including the cost of room and board and personal care. However, medical expenses incurred at an assisted living residence may be covered by Medicare just as they would if the medical procedures occurred in a doctor’s office, hospital, or at one’s home.

How does assisted living work in PA?

The PA Domiciliary Care Program, which is often referred to as PA Dom Care, pays a fixed amount to help seniors live in the homes of caregivers. Personal care assistance is covered in addition to room and board. Another program is the PA Options Program, through which home support and services are provided.

Who oversees assisted living facilities in Pennsylvania?

Department of Human Services, Bureau of Human Services Licensing is the regulatory body of assisted living residences and personal care homes. Visit the FAQ link on the Department’s web page to learn more about the differences in the levels of care and services provided in different long term care settings.

When Medicare runs out what happens?

If you have used your 90 days of hospital coverage but need to stay longer, Medicare covers up to 60 additional lifetime reserve days, for which you will pay a daily coinsurance. These days are nonrenewable, meaning you will not get them back when you become eligible for another benefit period.