What is the common name for Ondatra zibethicus?

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Superfamily Muroidea Illiger, 1811
Family Cricetidae Fischer, 1817
Subfamily Arvicolinae Gray, 1821 – arvicoline rodents
Genus Ondatra Link, 1795 – muskrats, Muskrat
Species Ondatra zibethicus (Linnaeus, 1766) – Muskbeaver, rat musqué, Muskrat, Common Muskrat

How do you pronounce ondatra Zibethicus?

ondatra zibethicus Pronunciation. on·da·tra zi·bethi·cus.

What is the scientific name for muskrat?

Ondatra zibethicusMuskrat / Scientific name

What animal is musquash fur from?

Musquash definition Frequency: Any of a genus (Ondatra) of muskrats of N North America having rudderlike tails that are flat from top to bottom. (chiefly brit.) The fur of the muskrat.

Is it a rat or a muskrat?

Muskrats’ tails are both thicker and longer than the tails of common rats. Also, they are shaped differently, with flat sides instead of the cylindrical shape that rats possess. These are the most significant differences between the animals, and they are the best way to tell them apart from one another.

How many species of muskrat are there?

The 16 subspecies of Ondatra muskrats in North America are widely distributed (Figure 6). They are found from northern Mexico to northern Alaska, and most of northern Canada. The round-tailed muskrat is found primarily in Florida and parts of southern Georgia.

What order is a muskrat?


What is muskrat fur?

It usually has a dark brown or red brown coat. They are well adapted to swimming and to cope with the demands of living in a wetland habitat: it is found in fresh and salt water marshes, lakes, ponds and rivers. The head and body length of the muskrat is between 229-325mm, with a tail length of 180-295mm.

How much is a muskrat worth?

Muskrat pelts have seen decent demand lately and are one of the only fur items that have actually increased in price over the past years. It’s unclear if it’ll last, but the low harvest of muskrat and a boost in demand is helping prices. They should average $3.50-4.00 conservatively, with potential averages to $5.00.

How many babies do muskrats have?

Females bear 1-4 litters of 1-14 (average 6-7) young per litter. Newborn muskrats weigh about 22 g (0.8 oz), are pink, blind, nearly hairless, and have small round tails. They grow rapidly, their eyes opening at 14-16 days, and are weaned at 21-28 days. Most breed as yearlings.