What is the difference between 39THIRTY and 59Fifty?

The 39thirty are stretch fit caps and the 59fifty are fitted caps so you need to know your size. Also the 59fifty are the straight bill caps you see teens wearing, and the 39thirty are more traditional looking ball caps. the bill is bendable and looks more like a regular old school baseball cap. Hope this helps.

What does 59Fifty mean in hat?

They are often referred to as “fitted” caps or hats. The 59Fifty is the official on-field cap of Major League Baseball and Minor League Baseball, as well as the official sideline cap of the NFL as of 2012 and the NBA as of 2017.

What is the difference between 39Thirty and 9Forty?

9Forty: New Era Cap The hat is a similar fit to the 39Thirty Flexfit hat with its low profile structured crown and pre-curved visor. But instead of a closed back and stretch fit band, this hat has an open adjustable back with a variety of closure types (Snapback, strapback, Velcro back).

What is the difference between the 59Fifty and the hat?

The hat uses a structured body with the same reinforced front panel. The full crown produces a tall profile similar to what the 59fifty features. The visor is also flat. You can curve the visor if you wish. The plastic snapback feature or the strap design may feature the same color as the rest of the hat.

What size does a 9Fifty hat fit?

Small – Medium: 54.9 to 59.6 cmMedium – Large: 56.8 to 61.5 cmLarge – Extra Large: 60.6 to 65.4 cmOne Size Fits Most: 55.8 to 60.6 cmYouth: 51.1 to 53.9 cmWomens: 54.9 to 59.6 cm The most important consideration here is that just because some 9fifty hats say “one size fits most” doesn’t mean that they’re going to work for everyone.

Is 9twenty too small for a hat?

If you wear a size 7 3/4 or bigger, the 9TWENTY will look too small on your head. The 29TWENTY fitted cap offers a low profile unstructured crown and pre-curved brim, similar to the 9TWENTY, but as a fitted hat. Like the 9TWENTY, this cap has a throwback feel.

Can I order a 59fifty fitted cap with a low profile?

But you can also order a 59fifty fitted cap with a low profile. The low-profile version of the hat features a slightly contoured crown. The crown is rounded to produce a flowing look. The design is ideal for people who want to get a 59fifty hat but are finding that the traditional profile doesn’t fit as well as one hoped.