What is the economy of the state of Georgia?

Overview of the Georgia Economy Georgia’s gross state product (GSP) in 2019 reached $539.5bn, with growth of 3.0% over the 5-years to 2019. Businesses in Georgia employed a total of 24.2 million in 2018, with average annual employment growth of 2.6%.

What is the main industry in the state of Georgia?

Agriculture is Georgia’s oldest and largest industry. It has played a dominant role in Georgia’s economy for almost three centuries, beginning with the settlement by English colonists in 1733.

What are the major economic activities and resources in Georgia?

Georgia’s main economic activities include cultivation of agricultural products such as grapes, citrus fruits, and hazelnuts; mining of manganese, copper, and gold; and producing alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages, metals, machinery, and chemicals in small-scale industries.

What is Georgia’s economy known for?

Georgia’s modern economy has traditionally revolved around Black Sea tourism, cultivation of citrus fruits, tea and grapes; mining of manganese and copper; and the output of a large industrial sector producing wine, metals, machinery, chemicals, and textiles.

What is Georgia’s biggest industry?

With over $74 billion in economic impact every year, agribusiness is Georgia’s leading industry.

What is Georgia’s main export?

Georgia’s biggest export in 2020 was aircraft including parts accounting for 21.3% of the state’s aggregated exports revenue. The state’s top 3 exports were aircraft including parts, mid-sized automobiles with piston engine and gas turbine parts representing 27.9% of the total.

How does the state of Georgia make money?

Like most states, Georgia collects revenue from a mix of personal and corporate income taxes, sales taxes, gas and vehicle taxes, and various other levies and fees. Income taxes are the cornerstone of Georgia’s revenue system, accounting for half of all state funds.

What is Georgia’s primary source of income?

The individual income tax is Georgia’s top revenue source, generating between 40 and 45 percent of the state’s total revenue. The corporate income tax is a flat tax (6 percent since 1969) on the income that a corporation generates within Georgia. Companies are not taxed on income generated outside the state.

How good is Georgia economy?

Georgia is ranked 18th among 45 countries in the Europe region, and its overall score is above the regional and world averages. Over the past five years, Georgia’s economic growth was strong through 2019, turned negative in 2020, and recovered in 2021.