What is the scale length of a Gibson 335?

24.75 in

Gibson ES-335
Scale 24.75 in (629 mm)
Body Maple-poplar-maple (plywood) with maple center block
Neck Mahogany

What is the scale length of a Gibson Byrdland?

A: The Byrdland is indeed a shorter scale length than most other guitars: 23-1/2″, compared to Gibson’s usual 24-3/4″ and Fender’s usual 25-1/2″. It is a thinline hollowbody that was introduced in 1955. The first few years featured P90 pickups with Alnico V magnets, later PAF and patent humbuckers were used.

What are some technical features of the Gibson ES?

ES-335 Semi-Hollow Body Electric

  • Solid maple centre block with hollow side wings.
  • Double cutaway for easy access right up to 22nd fret.
  • Dual humbucker pickups with seperate tone and volume for each.
  • Thin line body.
  • Bigsby vibrato option available.
  • Mahogany set neck.
  • Rosewood fingerboard.

How many Byrdland guitars does Ted Nugent own?

According to Nugent, the Byrdland makes guitarists play differently, which is why his style is so unique. They don’t call him the Motor City Madman for nothing! Over the years, Ted Nugent has collected between 18 and 26 Gibson Byrdlands (the number seems to change depending on when you ask) in a variety of finishes.

Who manufactured the Gibson ES?

Gibson ES-150
Gibson ES 150 “Charlie Christian”.
Manufacturer Gibson
Period 1936-1940 (V1) 1940-1957 (V2)

What is the scale length of a Gibson ES-350T?

The scale length was extended from 1977 to 1981 to 25.5 inches. The first edition of the ES-350T from the year 1955 was equipped with two Gibson P-90s, which are single coil pickups.

What does the T in Gibson ES 350T stand for?

The letter T in the model name of the ES 350T stands for thinline and was given by Gibson at the same time as the three new models of hollow-bodies with narrow sides and flat bodies were introduced. The body of the ES-350T – the arched top and bottom as well as the frames – is made entirely of laminated maple.

What is the scale length of a Byrdland ES 350?

Both the early ES-350T models and Byrdland models have particularly narrow spacing between the individual strings, which required the manufacture of special, narrow-built pickups for these models. The scale length was extended from 1977 to 1981 to 25.5 inches.