What is the song at the end of the movie The Replacements?

Q: What is the name of the song at the end of the movie when everyone is celebrating after they win the game? (from naks in Hawaii)
A: It is “Heroes” by Marc Bonilla and Font 48. (thanks to Matt, Baltimore, MD) add more info
Q: Where can I find this song “Heroes” by Marc Bonilla and Font 48? (from drivR in jax, fl)

What song is played in the replacements?

We Will Rock You Courtesy of Queen Productions Ltd.

What was the name of the football team in the movie The Replacements?

The Washington Sentinels
The Washington Sentinels was the name of the football team in the movie The Replacements. In the movie, the Sentinels sported a red, white and blue color scheme, similar to the ones of the New England Patriots. Actor Keanu Reeves played the role of Shane Falco, the star quarterback.

Who sings the song at the beginning of the replacements?

Track Listing

Title/Composer Performer
1 The Replacements Remix John Debney Gene Hackman / Keanu Reeves
2 I Don’t Want to Be Your Girlfriend Kelly Owens
3 Second Chance Bret Domrose Bret Domrose
4 Bust a Move Matt Dike / Young MC / Michael Ross Young MC

Is Shane Falco a real person?

Panicking, John Cooper immediately offered Reeves a scholarship, since he was the top unsigned quarterback in Ohio. Reeves accepted, but only under one bizarre condition: that he be referred to as “Shane Falco” for all football purposes.

Can Keanu Reeves really throw a football?

10: Keanu Reeves, The Replacements The difference between his roles as Johnny Utah in Point Break and Shane Falco in The Replacements is that in the latter he was actually forced to put on pads and throw the football. Not good.

Was Sharkboy and Lavagirl a Disney?

This movie first released in theaters in 2005. Produced by Dimension Films, The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl is not a Disney original movie.