What is the story of the blooms at Ruyi Pavilion?

Fu Rong, a girl who has the power to look into the future in her nightmares, tries to change it by avoiding her ill-fated relationship with the Duke.

Does Misty Kdrama have a happy ending?

The mystery was finally solved during the finale, with Kang Tae Wook turning out to be the murderer. He then went on to die in a car crash, though it remains unknown whether he intentionally ended his own life or if it was an accident.

Why is the title Misty?

“As the title ‘Misty’ suggests, the drama looks into the truth of life shrouded in uncertainty.

What is the end of the blooms at Ruyi Pavilion?

[Ep19] After 18 episodes it’s finally the wedding that they both prophesied. A royal decree has dropped, Fu Rong is to marry Xu Jin but not as his rightful wife, she’s a mere consort. Her family is upset for her but Fu Rong says she’ll marry him because she wants to.

How many episodes are there in blooms at Ruyi Pavilion?

40The Blooms at Ruyi Pavilion / Number of episodes

Is Misty worth watching?

Misty has everything — suspenseful situations, courtroom drama, romance… it’s one hell of an exciting series. In fact it garnered really high ratings in Korea, with actress Kim Nam-joo winning an award for her performance. Misty’s plot has so many twists and turns it will continuously keep you guessing.

Is there a season 2 of Misty on Netflix?

The show was originally broadcast on JTBC (South Korea) and premiered on February 2nd 2018. “Misty” ended after 1 seasons and a total of 16 episodes. The final episode aired on March 24th 2018.

Is Misty a good Kdrama?

Is Misty on Netflix?

A news anchor at the apex of her hard-earned career contends with a younger rival after her job and a murder case that tests the limits of her marriage. Watch all you want.