What is the winning number of Powerball in South Carolina?

Latest Numbers

Date Result Prize
Monday, Apr 25, 2022 Main Draw 12 18 20 39 61 10 PB Power Play: x2 Double Play 14 23 29 38 43 20 PB Est. Jackpot $421 Million
Saturday, Apr 23, 2022 Main Draw 10 39 47 49 56 8 PB Power Play: x3 Double Play 2 30 39 54 63 17 PB Est. Jackpot $400 Million

Does SC tax lottery winnings?

(A) Lottery prizes are subject to the South Carolina state income tax. Residents and nonresidents of this State who receive a lottery prize in excess of five hundred dollars are subject to a mandatory withholding of state income tax as required by law.

What gas station sells the most winning lottery tickets near Spartanburg SC?

You might want to pick up a couple lottery tickets from this Florence gas station. The B&P Mart on East National Cemetery Road in Florence has sold the most lottery tickets worth $10,000 or more in the last 10 years, according to The State’s analysis of South Carolina Education Lottery data.

What state was the Powerball won?

Someone in Arizona won the $473.1 million Powerball Wednesday night, according to the Powerball website. Only one ticket sold in the Grand Canyon State matched all six numbers to claim the grand prize.

Can you win the Powerball with just one number?

Set jackpot amounts abound, and technically, you can win the Powerball with just one number. It’s the special red Powerball that holds the key to that prize. Those who correctly match that number win $4, which is double the amount it costs to purchase a ticket.

How long does it take to get lottery winnings in SC?

Once your withdrawal request is approved, the funds may take up to 24 hours for credit cards and eWallets and up to 5 bank days for bank transfers to appear in your bank account.