What is under and over delivery tolerance in SAP?

Under and overdelivery tolerances functionality are defined to control percentages and quantities delivered in the purchasing process. Those tolerances can be defined in different purchasing scenarios: material master, info records and purchase orders.

What is under tolerance?

Underdelivery – Considered in PP/DS as standard. The underdelivery tolerance is characterized as the percental value of the total quantity of the production, that is set to limit the unavailability of products. In most of the cases, this value corresponds to a small percental from 0.5% to 5 or 10%.

What is delivery tolerance in SAP?

Delivery tolerances (Under delivery or Over delivery) can be maintained either in Customer Master Shipping tab in Sales Area Data or CMIR. You can also maintain in TCode 0vlp where for your delivery item category where there is a field “Check Overdelivery”.

Where is under and over delivery tolerances defined in material master?

Hi, The over-delivery and under-delivery are set via the purchasing value key which is defined in configuration and assign to your material master (purchasing data view).

What is overdelivery?

To deliver in excess of a norm, standard, or requirement.

How do I find my PO tolerance limit in SAP?

You can set tolerance limits for price variance by using the following navigation method.

  1. Transaction code: SPRO.
  2. SAP R/3 IMG Path: – SPRO -> IMG -> Materials Management -> Purchasing -> Purchase Order -> Set Tolerance Limits for Price Variance.

What is purchase value key in SAP MM?

Answer: Purchasing value key determines the following things: 1) Reminders keys- There are 3 keys which determine in how many days before or after the vendor has to be reminded or urging letters for the material procurement. 2) Over and under deliveries tolerances. 3) Order acknowledgement requirements in PO.

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What is VP in SAP MM?

VP: Moving average price variance. When a stock posting line is created as a result of an invoice item, the system calculates the new moving average price that results from the posting.

How do I set a tolerance limit in SAP?

What is split valuation in SAP MM?

Split valuation helps in valuating the stocks of a material in the same valuation area (company or plant) differently. Some of the examples where split valuation is required are as follows− Stock that is procured externally from a vendor has a different valuation price than the stock of an in-house production.