What kind of tremolo does Ibanez use?

The Ibanez Edge Tremolo is a double locking tremolo system for the electric guitar very similar in design to the original Floyd Rose. It first appeared in the Ibanez product line as of the 1986 model year; however, they have appeared on guitars with 1985 serial numbers.

How do I find my Ibanez tremolo?

Ibanez guitars feature four styles of locking tremolos. To identify which tremolo is used on your guitar, locate the logo stamped either on the bridge plate or the bridge tremolo block.

What is double tremolo?

A double locking tremolo is a type of tremolo bridge used in an electric guitar. The concept of a double locking design is that the string is solidly locked at both ends. The initial double-locking tremolo was developed by a hobbyist guitar player named Floyd D. Rose.

What is the Ibanez Edge tremolo?

The Ibanez Edge Tremolo is a double locking tremolo system similar in design to the original Floyd Rose. It’s produced and introduced by Ibanez in 1986. They have also appeared on Ibanez guitars with 1985 serial numbers. The Ibanez Edge is very similar in design to that of the original Floyd Rose tremolo but it came with some improvements namely:

What makes the Ibanez Edge so special?

The Edge is based on the original, patented Floyd Rose tremolo design which Ibanez & Gotoh licensed. As such it incorporates a double locking design, meaning that the strings are retained at both the bridge and the nut.

When did the Gibson Edge tremolo system come out?

It is sometimes referred to as the ” Original Edge ” to differentiate it from the various versions that have been released since. The Edge is acclaimed by many guitarists as the finest trem system available in the market. It was introduced in 1986, discontinued in 2003 and brought back in 2010.

When did the Ibanez Lo-Pro Edge replace the original edge?

Although the Lo-Pro Edge replaced the Edge as the flagship tremolo in 1991, Ibanez continued to use the original Edge on certain models, for example the 1997–2002 RG550 and RG570 models. A seven string version of the Lo-Pro Edge completely replaced the Edge 7.