What melon goes with prosciutto?

The mellow flavor of juicy, sweet summer cantaloupe provides the perfect backdrop for the saltiness & mild sweetness of a good, thinly sliced prosciutto.

How do you plate prosciutto and melon?

Arrange cantaloupe cubes on a serving plate. Top each with a ribbon of prosciutto and a fresh basil leaf, then drizzle with balsamic reduction. Skewer with toothpicks.

Why does prosciutto and melon go together?

In Medieval times melon was considered a highly dangerous fruit due to it’s cold and juicy nature. Therefore it had to be counterbalanced by something dry and warm. In Italy the choice fell on cured ham, and the combination became so popular that it has survived for centuries.

What herb goes with melon and prosciutto?

fresh basil
Take the sliced cantaloupe and wrap with prosciutto, place those on top of the arugula. Next place the balled melon and the leftover prosciutto. Gently tear the burrata into pieces and place (see note #2). Top with the fresh basil, fresh mint, then zest a lemon over the top.

What can you wrap with prosciutto?

5 Things to Wrap in Prosciutto

  • Melon. Pairing prosciutto with something sweet is a classic flavor combination.
  • Grissini. Grissini are slim Italian breadsticks.
  • Dates. Medjool dates are another sweet treat which can be wrapped in prosciutto all on their own.
  • & 5. Asparagus & Swiss Chard Stems.

How do you serve melon with Parma ham?


  1. Cut the melon in half and remove the seeds. The cut melon length ways into segments and remove the peel. Use a sharp knife for this.
  2. Cut each of the prosciutto ham slices in half.
  3. Arrange the melon and prosciutto on a serving plate. Scatter the rocket around the plate and on top and serve!

What fruit wraps with prosciutto?

Fruit is a classic Italian pairing for prosciutto; the sweet flavor enhances the savory product. For a classic treat, wrap prosciutto around freshly-sliced cantaloupe, then top with a fresh basil leaf for a beautiful presentation! We also love figs and pears.

How do you present a prosciutto platter?

Place the meats. Then, slice and fold the cured meats. For prosciutto, it is so thin you can just let it drop like a ribbon on the board. For others like the Genoa salami, fold them into quarters and fan them out like a deck of cards.

Can you prepare melon in advance?

Storing and preparing cantaloupe Only cut the cantaloupe when it’s ready to be eaten. If uncut and left whole, ripened cantaloupe can be stored in the fridge, where it’ll stay juicy for up to one week. For cut wedges of cantaloupe, store in an airtight container for up to 3 days.

Is melon and prosciutto Italian?

The Story of Prosciutto e Melone. When it comes to quick and breezy summer eating, prosciutto e melone is a summer staple for any Italian – but why do we eat these two foods together? The answer, it turns out, is a centuries-old tale.

What to do with prosciutto and melon?

Things like a mezze platter with white bean hummus, fresh veggies, and pita chips; antipasti skewers with mozzarella and olives; or even something much simpler like this prosciutto and melon, all fall under that category of delicious ideas worth sharing. The Italians call it prosciutto e melone, an idea that’s been around some 3000 years!

How many ingredients are in a prosciutto and melon appetizer?

With only three ingredients and no-cooking required, this prosciutto and melon appetizer is one of the easiest, amazingly delicious summer dish! You’ll love the flavor combination of sweet, ripe cantaloupe and salty prosciutto ham. And the presentation is company-worthy!

How do you arrange prosciutto on a platter?

Wrap a slice of prosciutto around each wedge and arrange on a platter. Looking for Something Else?

How do you prepare a gala melon platter?

Watch how to make this recipe. Peel and slice the gala melon into 1/2-inch semi-circle slices. Wrap a slice of prosciutto around each wedge and arrange on a platter. Looking for Something Else?