What score do you need to qualify for states in gymnastics Xcel?

Competitions include invitationals, State, Regionals, and Western National Championships. Athletes qualify to the State Championships by earning a 32.0 or higher All Around score at any sanctioned USAG competition in the United States. At State, the athlete must score a 34.00AA to advance to Regionals.

What is the difference between AAU and USAG?

The AAU is a league, consisting of numerous clubs and teams that compete against each other in individual and team events. Both organizations offer gymnastic opportunities for girls and boys. USAG has stricter rules and more focused levels of competition, designed to feed exceptional athletes into Olympic competition.

What are the Xcel levels in gymnastics?

There are five divisions of Xcel: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond.

Can you move from Xcel to Jo?

Mobility between the programs is not only possible, but encouraged if either is a better fit than the other. We have had many gymnasts switch from JO to Xcel, and gymnasts come from Xcel to JO.

What level is Xcel diamond equivalent to?

Level 7
The Xcel Diamond division is comparable in skill level to a Level 7 in the Junior Olympic program. While these are requirements, some gymnasts compete in the Xcel Diamond level without being able to do all the skills listed below. For what requirements gymnasts don’t fulfill, the judges take deductions.

What is Xcel Gold Gymnastics?

Xcel Gold refers to the third level of the Xcel Gymnastics Program. To compete in the Xcel Gold Division, a gymnast must be able to perform routines that comply with the Xcel Code of Points. Gold: For the Gold division, the minimum age is seven years.

What is Xcel bronze gymnastics?

Xcel Bronze is a USA Gymnastics competitive level. It allows gymnasts to showcase their skills on a competitive level against other USAG gym clubs in the Kansas City metropolitan area. Bronze competitions are a fun and exciting opportunity for gymnasts to perform their skills on each event .

Can a gymnast move from Xcel to Jo?

What is the average age of a Level 4 gymnast?

It is usually, on average, from ages 8 – 10 years old. No matter – many gymnasts, including college age gymnasts learn new and difficult skills. But it definitely does not get any easier as you get older.

Can you go from Xcel Gold to level 6?

It is not possible to move directly from Xcel levels to the Jr Olympic Levels. Even if a gymnast competes for all the way to Diamond in the Xcel Divisions, which would be comparable to a level 7, to compete at level 7, she must have passed levels 4, 5, and 6.