What techniques are used in Aboriginal art?

What techniques are used in Aboriginal artworks?

  • Bush medicine leaves. Bush medicine leaves originate from a native shrub that grows in abundance in the desert regions of Utopia, north-east of Alice Springs.
  • Dot painting.
  • Cross hatching.
  • X ray – naturalistic style.

What tools do Aboriginal dot paintings use?

Aboriginal Dot Painting Materials

  • water color paper or card stock.
  • acrylic paints.
  • paint brushes, q-tips, chop sticks, etc for making dots.
  • snake, lizard and turtle patterns (optional)

What is the technique used to paint Aboriginal dot paintings?

Aboriginal Dot paintings are commonly executed in both Ochre paintings and Acrylics, however Acrylic paint is the more commonly used for these artworks. The paint used may be highly textured with a very raised surface or flat.

How do you do dot art paintings?

#simpycreate paintings with dots

  1. Gather your materials. Gather all the required materials for this step by step!
  2. Draw a circle.
  3. Paint the circle black.
  4. Create the acrylic pouring mix.
  5. Start creating the paint dots.
  6. Create your design.
  7. Enhance your design with black marker.

What do circles mean in Aboriginal art?

A circle or a set of concentric circles usually signify places where people come together. They can represent a meeting place, fireplace, campsite, a waterhole or a ceremonial site. Waterholes are critical to survival in the desert and for that reason they feature frequently in Aboriginal art.

What are the two main types of Aboriginal art?

Though incredibly diverse across regions and time periods, there are two generally recognized types of Aboriginal art: figurative and geometric (though these two styles can often be combined).