What time is 4D draw today?

Lottery Draws

Lottery Game Days Draw Time
4D Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday 6.30pm
TOTO Monday, Thursday 6.30pm* If it is a cascade draw, the draw time will be at 9.30pm.
The Singapore Sweep First Wednesday of the month 6.30pm

What time is Singapore 4D result?

Draws take place every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday at 6.30pm. 23 sets of winning 4D numbers across five prize categories are drawn each draw. If you have placed bets on any of the 23 winning 4D numbers, you win a prize.

What time is big sweep result out?

There are 3.5 million numbers for sale. Each seven-digit number costs $3, inclusive of GST. Draw takes place on first Wednesday of every month at 6.30pm. 133 sets of winning seven-digit number and 9 sets of winning two-digit* number are drawn each draw.

What time is today Toto?

Draws take place every Monday and Thursday at 6.30pm. If it is a cascade draw, the draw time will be at 9.30pm. Six Winning Numbers and one Additional Number are drawn each draw.

How do I check my big sweep?

Launch Big Sweep App and tap on “Scan” icon located top right. The 2-in-1 QR code allows you: Check results instantly for past 6 draws results. Record the future draw ticket you have scanned, and the app will automatically alert you to check My Tickets once the draw is published.

How do you know if you won a sweep?

A Ticket shall win a prize or prizes if there is a correct matching of the following:

  1. the 7-digit number of the Ticket Number matches with one or more of the 7-digit winning combinations drawn; and/or.
  2. the last two digits of the Ticket Number matches with one or more of the winning 2-digit combinations drawn.

Does 3 numbers win in TOTO?

If your chosen numbers include at least three of the Winning Numbers, you win a prize. Your prize amount depends on how many of your chosen numbers match the Winning Numbers.

How much is the consolation prize?

Prize Structure for Ordinary, 4D Roll and System Entries

Prize Number of 4-digit Prize Winning Numbers Prize Amount (for every $1 stake)
2nd Prize one number $1,000
3rd Prize one number $490
Starter Prizes ten numbers $250
Consolation Prizes ten numbers $60

Can Singsing Singapore Pools Account customers still use online betting services?

Singapore Pools Account customers may continue to use online betting services. Due to technical issues from the third-party service provider, live betting updates may be delayed. Please refer to Sports Betting Game Rules Section 3.6 regarding third-party information provision.

Which IBET number matches 1st prize?

1234 matches 1st Prize. Your iBet number 1234 did not win any prize. Generate your 4D number. 随选万字票号码

Is it legal to run a lottery in Singapore?

As a wholly owned subsidiary of the Tote Board, it is the only operator that is legally allowed to run lotteries in Singapore. Singapore Pools currently operates three lottery games: In addition, Singapore Pools is the sole legal bookmaker and totalisator for association football and motor racing betting.

What are the most popular gambling games in Singapore?

Singapore Pools is the sole provider of gambling games in Singapore. 4-D and lottery 6/45 are two of the most popular. A similar 4-D game with its prize structure fully revealed can be found in Taiwan. 4-Digits is somewhat similar to “Pick 4” in the United States and Canada.