What times do trams stop in Amsterdam?

Schedule. The Amsterdam Tram opens at 6am and closes at 12:30am (midnight). The frequency depends on the day of the week and if it is peak hour or not, but it usually varies between 5 and 10 minutes.

Are the trams in Amsterdam free?

While using public transport in Amsterdam you have to check-in and check-out (present your ticket to a validator on board). The ticket becomes valid the first time you check-in. Children up to 4 years old travel for free. A ticket for children aged 4 – 11 costs € 4 per day.

Does Amsterdam have a tram system?

One of the most popular parts of Amsterdam’s public transport network is the city’s reliable and frequent tram service. Many of the city’s trams terminate at Amsterdam Central Station.

Are trams 24 hours in Amsterdam?

traveling at night in Amsterdam The trams, buses and metro lines run from 06:00 in the morning to just after midnight. The last trams leave Central Station at 12:15.

Do trams run 24 hours in Amsterdam?

No, Amsterdam metro isn’t a 24-hour service. It operates from 6:00 am until midnight. There are some metro trains that end their run before midnight. On the other hand, some trains reach their points of destination later than midnight – around 1:00 am.

How much is tram ticket in Amsterdam?

A Bus Tram Metro (BTM) ticket is €6.50 and is valid 90 minutes on GVB plus Connexxion/EBS buses. 2. Unlimited GVB Day/Multi-Day tickets – Good value 1 to 7 day ticket (€8.50 to €37), children 4-11 €4 per day. Valid on all GVB transport in Amsterdam on a 24 hour basis.

Is Amsterdam easy to walk around?

Amsterdam is a great city to try out solo travel for the first time. It’s clean, easy to walk around, and relatively safe. People speak English well and I traveled to Amsterdam solo on my first trip. I recommend taking some tours or staying at a hostel if you’ll be traveling solo as this is a great way to meet people.

How do you catch a tram in Amsterdam?

There is a GVB visitors’ center right in front of Amsterdam Centraal Station along with a few machines inside and outside the station. To order online, you can pre-book your ticket here. If you buy a ticket on the bus or tram, you can purchase a 1-hour ticket and can only use a card. No cash is accepted.

How much is a 3 day tram pass in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket This is a 1 day (€19.50), 2 day (€28.00) or 3 day (€36.50) ticket which is valid on all public transport in the greater Amsterdam region. This includes NS trains, all regional buses (Connexxion, EBS and Arriva Keukenhof services) and all GVB Amsterdam buses, metro and trams.

Where are the tram stops in Amsterdam Central Station?

There are 2 tram stop areas on the city side of Amsterdam Central station – one on the eastern side (labelled A, for services south- and east-bound) and one on the west side (labelled B, for services south- and west-bound). Below is a full listing of the tram lines in Amsterdam with the main stops of interest highlighted.

How fast do trams go in Amsterdam?

The trams have a top speed of 70km/h – however they make frequent stops and have to cut through traffic and stop lights – so they are not always the quickest way of getting around town. The Amsterdam Metro is faster, particularly now the North-South line runs down the central spine of the city.

How do I buy a tram ticket in Amsterdam?

Where to buy Amsterdam tram tickets There are plenty of places in Amsterdam where you can buy your tickets in advance for travelling on the tram, metro and buses. For trams and buses, you can also purchase the GVB one-hour or one-day ticket from the driver or conductor, but you will have to pay using a contactless/pin payment card.

Can you take a scooter on Amsterdam trams?

Accessibility on Amsterdam trams All the trams are accessible by wheelchairs and strollers. Mobile scooters may also be used on trams but under certain conditions. These conditions include the available space on the tram and the size of the scooter. Read the full details of the accessibility of the GVB network.