What was the Fantastic Four inspired by?

If you love the Avengers and the Fantastic Four, then you need to thank the Justice League. DC Comics’ seminal superhero superteam not only preceded the Avengers by several years; Justice League’s popularity directly led to the creation of both of Marvel’s iconic supergroups.

Is Fantastic Four 2015 hit or flop?

It grossed $168 million worldwide against a production budget of $155 million, losing 20th Century Fox over $80 million, becoming a box office bomb.

What makes up the Fantastic Four?

The Fantastic Four no. 1 (November 1961) introduced a quartet of new characters: Dr. Reed Richards, a pompous scientist; Sue Storm, his lovely and somewhat reserved fiancée; Sue’s hotheaded teenaged brother Johnny Storm; and Richards’s beefy longtime friend pilot Ben Grimm.

Why did Stan Lee create the Fantastic Four?

In 1961, comic book writer Stan Lee was approached by his editor Martin Goodman to create a superhero team in the hopes they’d be as big a hit as DC’s new Justice League. Working with artist Jack Kirby, Lee created the Fantastic Four – and the Marvel Universe was born.

Why is there no Fantastic Four 3?

It was cancelled due to the negative box office performance of Rise of the Silver Surfer. The film would have likely used The Puppet Master as the main antagonist as the film would have focused on Ben and Alicia’s relationship. Jessica Alba had some on-set conflicts with Tim Story.

What was wrong with the Fantastic Four movie?

According to critics, everything from the movie’s screenplay to its direction to its slow pacing was either bad or mediocre. Tone inconsistency and lack of humor didn’t contribute anything good either, while the visuals were done poorly.

Was Fantastic 4 good?

Critic Reviews for Fantastic Four It’s far from action-packed. And it’s most certainly not fantastic. A poorly constructed, ineptly executed, flatfooted piece of Branded Product that plays as though it were written by a piece of software fed every superhero movie script to date and instructed to synthesize them.

Who is Marvel’s first family?

What they made was a “family” – super smart scientist Reed Richards (AKA the highly stretchable Mr Fantastic), his partner Sue Storm (AKA The Invisible Girl — later Invisible Woman), Sue’s brother Johnny (AKA The Human Torch), and Reed’s best friend Ben Grimm (AKA the rock-monster labelled The Thing).