Where are Wychwood reels made?

RS2 series fly fishing reels are designed in England by wychwood. Made of 6061-T6 aluminum, lightweight and hardened, they are extremely robust and durable.

Is Wychwood a good fishing brand?

Wychwood is a Leeda brand. They’ve been knocking out decent budget barbel rods for a while now. I’ve not had a play with too many of them, but a mate has a pair of Rogues. They’re not bad at all for the money.

Who owns Wychwood fishing?

Leeda is a well-established distributor of fishing tackle and owns the Wychwood, MAP and Leeda brands. Leeda also distributes many market-leading brands, such as Mustad, MEPPS and Maxima.

Is leeda a good fishing brand?

They supply amazing multiplier reels that have been heavily praised by anglers for its smooth action and fast retrieve, making it very powerful for its low price. The range has a fine reputation across the saltwater scene and is highly regarded as a ‘go to’ brand.

Are Wychwood carp rods any good?

The overall look of these rods is excellent, with understated graphics and laser-etched butt caps lending an air of class, and 18mm DPS-style reel seats providing the solid fundamentals. All the Extremis rods are 12-footers and the choice of test curves are 3lb, 3.25lb and 3.5lb.

Are korum rods any good?

The blank’s fast casting action makes this a very good two-piece tip rod that will handle a variety of angling situations. I can also vouch for its distance casting capability, as it will propel a feeder or lead up to 80 yards with very little effort.

Are leeda reels any good?

They are good quality with a smooth movement, line loads and unloads as I would expect. The spools are easy to change to changing from floating to intermedate or sinking lines is so quick means more time fishing and less time changing reels.

Who are korum owned by?

Red Leader. Rather Outdoors, the company that owns Fox International and Lews, has completed the acquisition of Zebco Brands (Zebco, Quantum, Preston Innovations, Sonubait, Avid and Korum).

Can I use a barbel rod for carp?

I do usually use my Carp rods when I am Carp Fishing, but having said that I have occasionally used my 1.75lb barbel rods for catching Carp and have also used my multi-tip specialist rod (with either its 1.5lb tip or its 2lb tip on).

Are Preston and Korum the same company?

You see Korum started life as a twinkle in David Preston’s eye – a new brand that sat alongside his existing match company, Preston Innovations. The brand launched with some really clever concepts and ideas, many of which were industry firsts that are still in our catalogue today.

Is Korum part of Preston?

What is the difference between a carp rod and a barbel rod?

Barbel rods are typically a more through action to cast a bigger weight. Carp rods are more often stiffer to cast a small weight a long way accurately. You can get through actioned carp rods and stiffer Barbel rods though so worth having a waggle and looking at casting weights.