Where can I get Mac OS X Snow Leopard?

the Apple Store
You can purchase Snow Leopard through the Apple Store: Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard – Apple Store (U.S.).

Where can I download Snow Leopard?

You can get Snow Leopard from the following link: http://store.apple.com/us/product/MC573Z/A/mac-os-x-106-snow-leopard. Since the MacBook Air does not have a SuperDrive, see: If your Mac does not Have a CD Drive.

What version is 10.6 8 Mac?

Snow Leopard
8 is an update to Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) that was released by Apple on June 23, 2011.

Can you buy Snow Leopard from Apple?

You must purchase Snow Leopard through the Apple Store: Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard – Apple Store (U.S.). The price is $19.99 plus tax.

What is snow leopard for Mac?

Snow Leopard includes out-of-the-box support for Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 in Mail, iCal, and Address Book, so it’s easier than ever to take your Mac to work. Safari 4. The latest version of the blazing-fast web browser delivers up to 50 percent faster JavaScript performance2 and is more resistant to crashes than ever.

What’s new in snow leopard?

New core technologies unleash the power of today’s advanced hardware technology and prepare Mac OS X for future innovation. And Snow Leopard includes built-in support for the latest version of Microsoft Exchange Server, so you can use your Mac at home and at work. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

What is the difference between Mac OS X Leopard and dock?

Installation is up to 50 percent faster than with Mac OS X Leopard; wake from sleep is as much as two times faster; shutdown is up to 80 percent faster; and initial Time Machine backups to Time Capsule are up to 80 percent faster than in Leopard.2 Dock.

What is QuickTime X for snow leopard?

The next-generation media technology, QuickTime X powers the audio and video experience in Snow Leopard. Now Exposé is integrated in the Dock, giving you a quick and easy way to see all the open windows of an application. Better, faster, easier.