Where do the Running Man and Shuddering Package members go?

The long-awaited day has come. The Running Man members go on the Luxury Package and the Shuddering Package. The Luxury Package members go to Zermatt, Switzerland while the Shuddering… read more The trip continues! Haha and Se Chan spends the night at a stargazing hotel where they can greet the grand mountains upon waking up.

Who are the Running Man members in’Running Man’?

Running Man has become a series of lies and betrayals. As a result, the members will pay for their sins on today’s race. They will be put into prison throughout the course of the race… read more This week, the Running Man members are joined by Koo Ha Ra, Seor In A, Lee Da Hee, and Mina.

Who is Kang Han Na on Running Man?

This week, Kang Han Na is back alongside Lee Hee Jin of Baby V.O.X, YooA from OH MY GIRL, and the very comic Yoo Byung Jae. It’s an individual race this week where the right investment… read more This week, everyone from AOA joins Running Man on Wolmi Island.

Who are the Running Man members who won the grand awards?

Two of the Running Man members, Jae Seok and Jong Kook, are Grand Award winners in the end-of-year entertainment awards. The members divide into Team Yu Grand Award and Team Kim Grand… read more This week, four of the Running Man members become CEOs of new entertainment agencies.

What happened in episode 179?

EPISODE 179. Broadcast on January 5, 2014. We start off the new year with a cooking battle as Gary tells us in an post-interview snippet that in retrospect, all he really remembers is the taste of love. But while that may sound sweet and rosy, the previews suggest a highly intense and cutthroat culinary showdown.

What happens at the last mission in Running Man?

The last mission is a cutthroat game that will determine who gets to go home first. Meanwhile, the members regroup after… read more The new race leading up to the long-awaited update of the Running Man website is now in full swing.

What is the Running Man Investment Contest?

The Running Man members enter into an investment contest. They begin with 500 dollars of R money each and enter the stock market of 2011. As they progress toward the year 2020, which… read more The Running Man Investment Contest goes on with Se Chan in the lead.

Is Park Eun seok coming back to Running Man?

For the last day of the Lunar New Year holidays, the three actors of The Penthouse, Park Eun Seok, Yoon Jong Hun, and Ha Do Kwon, visit Running Man. They join the show for 2021 Running… read more