Where was the Plugged Nickel?

Chicago always has been a haven for jazz and blues, but on Dec. 22, 1965, at a small nightclub on the North Side called the Plugged Nickel, it was about to become one of the seminal focal points for post-be-bop, contemporary jazz.

Who played with Miles Davis in 1964?

On Oct. 11, 1964, the Miles Davis Quintet was in Milan performing at the Teatro Dell’Arte. The quintet at that time consisted of Davis (tp), Wayne Shorter (ts), Herbie Hancock (p), Ron Carter (b) and Tony Williams (d).

What is a plugged nickel?

(WYTV) – Some of our early coins from the 18th and 19th centuries were made with a small silver disc added to the center of the coin to give it some value. A plug nickel or plugged nickel is a nickel in which someone has taken out that center disc and plugged it up with some other metal, less valuable than silver.

Which pair of musicians were members of Miles Davis second great quintet?

Miles Davis – Herbie Hancock – Wayne Shorter Despite this reluctance, the new quintet that he began to build in 1963 resulted in the freest music of his career and became legendary as his Second Great Quintet.

How much is a plugged nickel worth?

A plug nickel or plugged nickel is a nickel (now a five-cent coin, but originally a one-cent coin and later a three-cent coin) where the “plug” (center disc) has been removed, thus decreasing the metal value of the coin.

What is the saying not worth a plugged nickel?

(chiefly US, idiomatic) Having no or almost no value; worthless.

What made Miles second quintet so unique?

Their solos were fresh and original, and their individual styles fused with a spontaneous fluency that was simply astonishing. The quintet’s method came to be dubbed “time, no changes” because of their emphasis on strong rhythmic grooves without the dictatorial patterns of song-form chords.

What is a plug nickle?

(chiefly US, colloquial) A nearly worthless amount.

How much is a plug nickel worth?