Which country has the highest digital divide?

As the largest developing country in the world, China faces a severe digital divide, which exists not only between Mainland China and the developed countries, but also among its own regions and social groups.

What are the causes of digital divide in India?

The lack of skill in using computer and communication technology also prevents people from accessing digital information. Poor access to computer and communication technology also causes a digital divide. In India the ability to purchase or rent the tool for access to digital information is less among the masses.

How China is closing the digital divide?

China Closing Digital Divide In light of the consequence of emerging technologies on education, in recent years the Chinese government has formulated and implemented an array of plans and policies concentrating on education for poverty removal based on technology.

How can we solve digital divide?

Closing the Digital Divide

  1. Affordable, robust broadband internet service.
  2. Internet-enabled devices that meet the needs of the user.
  3. Access to digital literacy training.
  4. Quality technical support.
  5. Applications and online content designed to enable and encourage self-sufficiency, participation and collaboration.

Which country has the lowest digital divide?

Korea has the smallest digital divide – the gap in the use of digital equipment and information – among 40 major countries, a U.S. survey shows.

What is the digital divide in India?

The digital divide arising from lack of reliable information, infrastructure and digital literacy is a major cause of social and economic backwardness. Most mobile and Internet users in India live in urban areas, while we know that 67 percent of the total population of India lives in rural areas.

Is there a digital divide between developed and developing countries?

Though not as much as developing countries, the developed world is also facing the digital divide due to income inequality. The United States is also struggling with this type of digital divide. And in some other developed countries, there is geographic inequality in technology usage.

Why is the topic digital divide India/Global important for competitive exams?

The topic Digital divide India/Global is important for various competitive exams. Questions under the general awareness section of different Government exams can be framed on the Digital Divide. Aspirants of IAS exam might encounter questions on the topic in GS 1 and GS 3 of UPSC or might be asked to write a Digital Divide Essay of 1500-2000 words.

What is the digital divide and why does it matter?

Economic: The digital divide will increase economic inequality between those who can afford the technology and those who don’t. Governance: Transparency and accountability are dependent on digital connectivity.