Which episode of Chicago Fire is the crossover?

A Dark Day
The April 2014 Chicago crossover event is a two-part fictional crossover that exists within the Chicago (franchise)….April 2014 Chicago crossover event.

“April 2014 Chicago crossover event”
Teleplay by Michael Brandt & Derek Haas
Part 1: Chicago Fire
Episode title “A Dark Day”
Episode no. Season 2 Episode 20

What episode of Chicago P.D. is the crossover with Chicago Fire season 8 episode 15?

Off the Grid
February 2020 Chicago crossover event

“February 2020 Chicago crossover event”
Episode title “Off the Grid”
Episode no. Season 8 Episode 15
Directed by Reza Tabrizi
Written by Matt Whitney

What episode of Chicago P.D. is the crossover with Chicago Fire season 5 episode 15?

Deathtrap is the fifteenth episode of the fifth season and the 107th overall episode of Chicago Fire.

Are all the Chicago shows connected?

The shows’ setting of Chicago makes the crossover events easier, but it’s not their only connection. A decade ago, it started building meaningful connections between the three procedural dramas. The universe, produced by TV giant Dick Wolf, launched in 2012 with Chicago Fire.

Is Chicago Fire season 4 episode 10 a crossover?

Written by. The Beating Heart is the tenth episode of the fourth season and the 79th overall episode of Chicago Fire. It is the first part of a three-part crossover between Chicago Med (Malignant) and Chicago P.D. (Now I’m God).

Is Chicago Fire season 8 episode 15 a crossover?

Chicago Fire Season 8 Episode 15 description: In a two-show crossover event with Chicago P.D., a series of teen opioid overdoses sees Severide partner with Sean Roman (Brian Geraghty), but begins to suspect there’s more to the story than his old friend is telling him.

What episodes are crossovers in Chicago?

Here is a list of all the crossover episodes in the Chicago franchise and where you can catch parts one and two.

  • Law & Order SVU: Season 15 Episode 15 – Part 1/2.
  • Chicago PD: Season 1 Episode 6 – Part 2/2.
  • Chicago Fire: Season 2 Episode 20 – Part 1/2.
  • Chicago PD: Season 1 Episode 12 – Part 2/2.

Is Chicago PD Season 4 episode 16 a crossover?

‘Chicago PD’ season 4’s episode 16, titled “Emotional Proximity,” will feature a crossover between the original series ‘Chicago Fire’ as well as its spin-off ‘Chicago Justice. ‘ The team will investigate a case of a massive fire that left Olinksy’s daughter in critical condition.

Is Chicago Fire Deathtrap a crossover?

Crossover event that that begins with the Chicago Fire episode “Deathtrap”, continues with the Chicago P.D. episode “Emotional Proximity” and concludes with the Chicago Justice episode “Fake”.