Which flavor of Jellybean is the most popular?

Very Cherry remained the most popular flavor of Jelly Belly jelly beans for two decades until Buttered Popcorn took the top spot in 1998. In 2003, Very Cherry retook the title and has remained the most popular ever since.

How many different flavors of Jelly Belly jelly beans are there?

More Than 100 Flavors Jelly Belly jelly beans are available in more than 100 different flavors.

What is the most popular jelly bean flavor in 2021?

#1 Cinnamon – Reigning Champion Cinnamon made steady progress towards the top over the past few years. It finally overtook the #1 spot last year and hangs on again this year. This spicy red jelly bean flavor is part of a trend of spicy candy we noticed a while back.

What is the #2 selling jelly bean flavor in the world?

#2 Buttered popcorn This salty snack food makes for a savory jelly bean flavor. It’s the No.

What is the black jelly bean flavor?

What Flavor are Jelly Belly Black Jelly Beans? We currently offer only a single black jelly bean flavor: Licorice. This classic flavor was introduced in 1976 as one of the original eight flavors, so it’s been with us as long as we’ve been making our premium jelly beans!

What flavor are white jelly beans?

There are only three Jelly Bellies in the white group. A&W Cream Soda is a transparent white and actually tastes like cream soda… which is good or bad depending on if you like cream soda. Coconut is a pure, opaque white which tastes more like toasted coconut than plain coconut. The flavor is pure, obvious and strong.

Are jelly beans the same flavors?

Most jelly beans are sold as an assortment of about eight different flavors, most of them fruit-based.

What is the nastiest jelly bean?

Below are the most disgusting jelly bean flavors ever.

  1. Black Pepper. Part of Jelly Belly’s Harry Potter Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans line, this flavor is probably the least gross of the horrifying jelly bean flavors out there.
  2. Booger.
  3. Dirt.
  4. Earthworm.
  5. Earwax.
  6. Rotten Egg.
  7. Sausage.
  8. Soap.