Which is correct chomping at the bit or champing at the bit?

The original phrase is, indeed, champing at the bit, but chomping at the bit emerged in America in the 1930s according to the Oxford English Dictionary and chomp has overtaken champ in common use.

Is it correct to say chomping at the bit?

Champing or Chomping at the Bit? The quick answer to whether champ or chomp is correct is that both are acceptable for modern use – meaning you can use either! To champ or chomp at the bit is to be restless or unable to show restraint.

What does chomp on the bit mean?

Definition of champing at the bit : waiting in an impatient way to do something We’ve all been champing at the bit to get started on the project. The team was chomping at the bit for their chance to play the defending champions.

Where did the expression chomping at the bit come from?

The phrase “champ at the bit” is stated to have originated from “Joseph: A Religious Poem” by Charles Lucas published in 1810 where it has been used as: “Twelve beauteous steeds, of golden color and with golden manes, champ at the bit.” The second reference has been found in The Decatur Daily Review in its publication …

What champing means?

1 : to make biting or gnashing movements. 2 : to show impatience of delay or restraint —usually used in the phrase champing at the bit he was champing at the bit to begin. champ.

What does have you done bits mean?

Coined by Love Island 2018’s Wes Nelson, the ‘Do Bits’ term describes the act of getting intimate with someone but not having sex.

What does chump mean in slang?

stupid or foolish person
Definition of chump informal : a person who is easily tricked : a stupid or foolish person When you get down to it, he’s a sucker. A chump.

What are bits in UK slang?

​ bits. [plural] (British English, informal) a person’s sexual organs.

What is chomp at the bit?

To be impatient or eager for something to happen or over some delay. Used to liken someone to an overexcited horse straining against its bit (the metal piece of the harness that fits between its jaws). A variant of “champ at the bit,” which is the original phrase. The crowd chomped at the bit to see the unveiling of the new building.

What does champing at the bit mean?

be ˌchamping/ˌchomping at the ˈbit (also be ˌchafing at the bit more formal) be impatient to do or to start doing something: The players were champing at the bit as the start of the match was delayed.♢ I know you’re chafing at the bit, so we’ll start as soon as we can. Champ and chomp mean to bite or eat something noisily.

What are some good chomping/chomping phrases?

be chomping at the bit be chucking (it) down be chucking down be chucking it down be chuffed to bits Be civil Be civil Be civil be clean as a new pin be clean as a whistle be cleaned out be clear as crystal be climbing the walls be close to (one’s) heart be close to heart be close to her heart be close to his heart be close to home

What is the difference between chomping and champed?

But chomp can also mean to bite or chew noisily (though chomped things are often eaten, while champed things are not), so chomp at the bit means roughly the same as champ at the bit.