Who is Mrs Bucket?

Hyacinth Bucket (Patricia Routledge) – who insists her surname is pronounced Bouquet (although her husband Richard has said, “It was always ‘Bucket’ until I met you!”) – is an overbearing, social-climbing snob, originally from a lower-class background, whose main mission in life is to impress others with her refinement …

What does Richard Bucket do for a living?

For the first two series, Richard works as a local government official (he answers the phone, “Finance and general purposes” but other than that we do not know his title). Richard participates in meetings where he is interrupted by Hyacinth with trivial matters – much to the annoyance of his coworkers.

What is Hyacinth Buckets real name?

Patricia RoutledgeKeeping Up Appearances
Kerry HowardYoung Hyacinth
Hyacinth Bucket/Played by

Where did Mrs Bucket live?

Filmed in and around Coventry, the very popular BBC sitcom starred Patricia Routledge and Geoffrey Hughes. The main character Hyacinth Bucket’s (pronounced “bouquet”) house was in Heather Road, in Binley Woods.

Is Mrs Bucket still alive?

For her role as Hyacinth Bucket in the BBC sitcom Keeping Up Appearances (1990–1995), she was nominated for the BAFTA TV Award for Best Light Entertainment Performance in 1992 and 1993….Patricia Routledge.

Dame Patricia Routledge DBE
Occupation Actress, singer
Years active 1952–present

Where do the buckets live Keeping Up Appearances?

Why does Sheridan always call hyacinth?

Richard is often exasperated by Sheridan’s constant request for money and refuses to send any while Hyacinth usually tells Sheridan that she’ll drop a cheque in the post immediately….

Sheridan Bucket
Other Relatives Onslow (Uncle) Bruce (Uncle) Kylie (First cousin once removed)

Do we ever see Sheridan in Keeping Up Appearances?

Sheridan Bucket is a fictional character in Keeping Up Appearances. He is the only child of Hyacinth and Richard Bucket. Sheridan is a mostly unseen character in the series, despite his head perhaps being seen in the beginning of “Let There Be Light” and perhaps a picture of him as a young child in the intro.

Who has passed away from Keeping Up Appearances?

Geoffrey Hughes
Mary Millar & Geoffrey Hughes The star was married and had one daughter, and tragically passed away in 1998 aged 62. Corrie star Geoffrey Hughes was slob Onslow in Keeping Up Appearances, but went on to play Twiggy in The Royle Family.