Who is the owner of Steelcase?

Sara E. Armbruster (Oct 2021–)Steelcase / CEO

Is Steelcase a public company?

Founded in 1912, Steelcase became publicly-traded in 1998. Headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA, Steelcase is a global company with approximately 11,800 employees and fiscal year 2022 revenue of approximately $2.8 billion.

Where is Steelcase headquarters located?

Grand Rapids, MISteelcase / Headquarters

Is Steelcase made in China?

In China, Steelcase operates a factory in Dongguan in Guangdong province and a newly opened global innovation center in Hong Kong. It also runs plants in North America, Europe and the Middle East. In Asia, its manufacturing facilities are also in India and Malaysia.

Is Steelcase Made in USA?

Are Steelcase chairs made in the USA? While Steelcase has locations and production facilities overseas, it manufactures the office chairs it sells in the USA within the country. Its main manufacturing plant is located in Kentwood, Michigan.

Is Steelcase made in usa?

Is Steelcase made in the USA?

Is Steelcase a good company to work for?

Great place to work Most everyone is warm, welcoming, and patient. Steelcase offers job flexibility and encourages work life balance, so you don’t have to worry about leaving work for a few hours to tend to home appointments. As long as you are honest and work hard, you will be recognized for your efforts.

What family owns Steelcase?

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – Peter Melvin Wege drew his fortune from Steelcase Inc., the office furniture company co-founded by his father, inventor Peter Martin Wege. But the only child of Peter Martin Wege did not tie his identity as firmly to Steelcase as some members of the founding families, the Idemas and Huntings.

Who are Steelcase competitors?

Steelcase competitors include Herman Miller, Haworth and Knoll. Steelcase ranks 1st in CEO Score on Comparably vs its competitors.

Is it hard to get a job at Steelcase?

Steelcase is a great company to work for. However, it is difficult to get hired in regardless of how long you have been there. Possibility of advancement is low especially with no degree.

Is Steelcase a big company?

Steelcase is a United States-based furniture company founded in 1912 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The company produces office furniture, architectural and technology products for office environments and the education, health care and retail industries. It is the largest office furniture manufacturer in the world.