Who makes Dektite?

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What is the largest size of pipe that can be sealed with a Dektite soaker flashing?

Dektite Diverter can flash pipes up to 610mm in diameter. Larger pipes can be flashed using the Dektite Combo range up to 750mm maximum size.

What is a roof Dektite?

Purpose made and high quality roof flashing solutions for metal roof applications. With the Dektite Metal Roof Flashing range, you’ll be able to flash almost any pipe penetration through a metal roof or wall. This range can also be used to seal penetrations through glass or plastic roofs.

Can you paint Dektite?

A. Yes EPDM Dektites can be painted after installation. Note only paint after installation using 100% Acrylic Paint.

Are Dektites heat resistant?

Dektite flashings can be used on high temperature outlets such as flues and chimneys as the specially formulated EPDM flashing can withstand constant temperatures at the roofline from -50ºC to 200ºC and up to 250ºC intermittently without degradation.

What is a Dektite made of?

The DEKS Dektite premium roof flashing has been designed with sophistication and durability to withstand the harsh Australian climate. Made with high-end EPDM rubber, this Dektite suits pipe penetrations from 75mm to 175mm and all types of metal roof profiles.

What is a roofing boot?

The vent pipe that stands proudly on the roof needs to be sealed with a special rubber cover designed to prevent outdoor air and moisture from leaking into the house and damaging it. Roofing contractors identify this rubber cover as the roof boot, also known as the vent pipe cover.

How do you cut Dektite?

Cut a neat hole in roofing sheet with minimum clearance for pipe and insert pipe through hole. Trim the cone to suit pipe size using sharp tin snips. Where required, support cut sections of sheet with additional framing. Slide Dektite flashing down over pipe.

Is Dektite heat resistant?

How much does it cost to have a roof boot installed?

The typical cost to replace roof vent boots is between $150 and $500, with an average cost of around $275 for product and installation on a standard-sloped roof.