Who narrates Catbug?

Catbug is voiced by beloved Bravest Warriors voice actor, Sam Lavagnino. Everyone loves Catbug! Each of the 10 original books in the series feature hilarious one liners that you can’t stop quoting.

What cartoon is Catbug from?

Bravest Warriors
On December 3, 2019, it was announced that there will be a Catbug spinoff and Pendleton Ward will also be involved with it….

Bravest Warriors
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Does Catbug have a show?

Unlimited Media entity behind the animated hit Adventure Time, is developing a new series based on Catbug, a property with demonstrated appeal in the Gen Z realms of TikTok and animated GIFs.

How old is Catbug voice?

Sam Lavagnino is a 14-year-old American actor who is best known for supplying the voice of Catbug….

Sam Lavagnino
Birthday June 29, 2006
Voices Catbug

Where is Capoo from?

Capoo was created by the Taiwanese artist Yara (亞拉 Yala) in 2014. Capoo is described as “a little monster like a cat and like a bug, both violent and cute, who loves to eat meat”.

Who created Catbug?

CATBUG is going to star in his very own show!!! Pendleton Ward, who created the show and wrote the first three seasons, is currently developing a solo Catbug series with Frederator Studios. They are currently shopping the new cartoon to streaming and linear networks, according to Deadline.

Who made Catbug?

When was Catbug created?

Frederator Books launched the series in November with My Name is Catbug, What’s Yours and will release two books a month through April 2014. The series is produced by the creative team of Jason Johnson, who is also co-writer and creative consultant for Bravest Warriors, and by illustrator Emily Jourdan.