Who sang The Living Years by Mike and the Mechanics?

Mike + The MechanicsLiving Years / ArtistMike and the Mechanics is an English rock supergroup formed in Dover in 1985 as a side project of Mike Rutherford, the bassist/guitarist in Genesis. The band is known for hit singles “Silent Running”, “All I Need Is a Miracle”, “Taken In”, “The Living Years”, “Word of Mouth” and “Over My Shoulder”. Wikipedia

What year was Mike and the Mechanics The Living Years?

1988The Living Years / Released

Who was the singer in Mike and the Mechanics?

Paul Carrack
Paul YoungTim HowarAndrew Roachford
Mike + The Mechanics/Singers

Was Phil Collins Part of Mike and the Mechanics?

Mike + The Mechanics is the debut album by the Genesis bassist and guitarist Mike Rutherford’s band Mike + The Mechanics in 1985….Track listing.

No. 8.
Title “A Call to Arms”
Writer(s) Tony Banks, Phil Collins, Neil, Robertson, Rutherford
Length 4:38

Where did Mike and the Mechanics come from?

Dover, United KingdomMike + The Mechanics / Origin

What does mechanics mean in English?

Definition of mechanics 1 : a branch of physical science that deals with energy and forces and their effect on bodies. 2 : the practical application of mechanics to the design, construction, or operation of machines or tools. 3 : mechanical or functional details or procedure the mechanics of the brain.

Who was lead singer of The Living Years?

Mike + The MechanicsLiving Years / Artist

Who died out of Mike and the Mechanics?

Paul Young
Paul Young, a British rock singer who sang with the group Mike and the Mechanics, died on Saturday at his home in Altrincham, near Manchester, England. He was 53. The cause apparently was a heart attack, said a British representative of Mr. Young and the band.

When did silent running by Mike and the Mechanics come out?

1985Silent Running / Released

What happened to roachford?

Andrew Roachford will probably be remembered for his hit, Cuddly Toy back in the late 1980’s. Latterly he has been a member of Mike and the Mechanics, the band led by Genesis guitarist Mike Rutherford. Roachford still has his solo career and has just released his new album, Twice In A Lifetime.

What is a mechanic slang?

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