Who sings Sweet City Woman?

The StampedersSweet City Woman / ArtistThe Stampeders are a Canadian rock trio, consisting of lead guitarist and vocalist Rich Dodson, bassist Ronnie King and drummer Kim Berly. Wikipedia

What genre is Sweetcity woman?

Rock, country rock
Sweet City Woman

“Sweet City Woman”
Genre Rock, country rock
Length 3:27
Label Bell, Philips, MWC
Songwriter(s) Rich Dodson

What year did The Stampeders sing sweet city woman?

1973Sweet City Woman / Released

When was Sweet City Woman a hit?

As far as iconic Canadian pop songs go, “Sweet City Woman” from The Stampeders is a bonafide classic. Released in 1971, the song put the Calgary group on the musical map.

Who were the members of The Stampeders?

Rich DodsonLead Vocals
Ronnie KingBass guitarKim BerlyDrum Kit
The Stampeders/Members

Where is the band Stampeders from?

Calgary, CanadaThe Stampeders / Origin

How old is Ronnie King of the Stampeders?

The Stampeders. Rock band formed in Calgary in 1964 as a sextet, the Rebounds. It was re-organized in Toronto as a trio in 1968 by Rich Dodson (guitarist, born Sudbury, Ont, 1 Jul 1947), Ronnie King (bass guitarist, born Rotterdam 1 Aug 1947), and Kim Berly (drummer, born Dawson Creek, BC, 24 Jul 1948).

Are the Stampeders a Canadian band?

The Stampeders, RICH DODSON, kim berly AND RONNIE KING, Were one of Canada’s top rock bands of the 70’s. In 1971 The Stampeders won Juno Awards in the categories of ‘Best Group,’ ‘Best Single,’ ‘Best Producer’ and ‘Best Composer’ for their platinum single, SWEET CITY WOMAN. .

What does the term Stampeders mean?

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The Klondike gold rush began in July of 1897 when two ships docked in San Francisco and Seattle carrying miners returning from the Yukon with bags of gold. The press was alerted and papers carried the story to the masses. Soon, miners of all shapes and sizes, called “stampeders”, were on their way to the gold fields.

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