Who won Zuko or Azula Agni Kai?

Winner: Azula by a HUGE margin. 2.

Could Katara have beaten Azula?

Even in the most impressive bending battle of the series, Zuko and Katara’s fight against Azula, Katara’s ability to maintain her composure even after Zuko is beaten is what ultimately allows her to outwit, outsmart, and outmaneuver the unhinged Azula.

Why didn’t Azula melt the ice?

When Katara froze herself and Azula in the ice, why didn’t Azula just melt it before Katara chained her up? Because she couldn’t move until Katara started chaining her. Bending requires at least some movement to work.

How did Zuko win the Agni Kai?

And in order to win a Agni Kai, you need to burn the opponent, After Katara healed Zuko, he never gave her a burn… And Zuko had a Scar from Azula’s Lightning, Technically a burn.

Is Toph stronger than Azula?

In ATLA, Toph is the most powerful earthbender and Azula is arguably the most powerful firebender.

Who can beat Katara?

Avatar: 5 MHA Characters Katara Could Defeat (& 5 She’d Lose To)

  • 3 Would Lose To – Tetsutetsu.
  • 4 Could Beat – Yaoyorozu.
  • 5 Would Lose To – Rappa.
  • 6 Could Beat – Backdraft.
  • 7 Would Lose To – Bakugo.
  • 8 Could Beat – Moonfish.
  • 9 Would Lose To – Todoroki.
  • 10 Could Beat – Tsuyu.

Is Zuko a better Firebender than Azula?

Azula is a better fighter than Zuko (she was only losing to Zuko in their fight during Sozen’s comet because she was losing/had lost her mind) and is a prodigy of firebending, but like her father and most firebenders of the time she only sees it as a weapon or a crude tool. Zuko, however, was trained by Iroh.

How does nobody recognize Zuko?

In Avatar: The Last Airbender, Zuko and Azula were not identified on Ember Island because of the way they are portrayed in the Fire Nation.