Why FileUpload HasFile is false?

FileUpload control requires a full PostBack. Hence when you place FileUpload control in AJAX UpdatePanel and try to upload the file asynchronously using the PostedFile property is always NULL and the HasFile property is always false.

What is HasFile?

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How do I stop FileUpload control from clearing on postback?

The simple solution for preventing file loss from an upload control on postback is to put the upload control outside of an update panel control on a . aspx page. Or, in other words, put all the input controls that might trigger a postback inside an update panel.

How do I restrict a file type in FileUpload control?

By default the FileUpload control doesn’t have a property to restrict file types when the select file window is opened. However, you can check the file uploaded extension before continuing the process. Its simple. Get the extension of the file selected via FileUpload control using the below code.

Which property of FileUpload control returns a reference to the uploaded file?

ASP.NET – File Uploading

Properties Description
FileContent Returns the stream object pointing to the file to be uploaded.
FileName Returns the name of the file to be uploaded.
HasFile Specifies whether the control has a file to upload.
PostedFile Returns a reference to the uploaded file.

Which property of FileUpload display true when a file has been uploaded?

The HasFile property gets a value indicating whether the FileUpload control contains a file to upload. Use this property to verify that a file to upload exists before performing operations on the file.

How do I validate a file type in C#?

Validating Extension Before Uploading File in ASP.Net

  1. function GetExt()
  2. {
  3. var str = document. getElementById(‘FileUpload1’). value;
  4. var ext = str. substring(str. length – 3, str. length). toString();
  5. extext = ext. toLowerCase();
  6. if (ext == “pdf”)
  7. {
  8. alert(“valid File”)

What is file upload control in asp net?

ASP.NET FileUpload control allows us to upload files to a Web Server or storage in a Web Form. The control is a part of ASP.NET controls and can be placed to a Web Form by simply dragging and dropping from Toolbox to a WebForm. The FileUpload control was introduced in ASP.NET 2.0.

Which of the following method of FileUpload control is used for uploading a file in C sharp?

How does file uploader work?

To upload data to a server, the client again initiates a connection to the server and then typically sends a HTTP POST request which contains the data to be uploaded. The server knows how to handle such a request and stores the data.

Which property is associated with FileUpload control?

Use the FileName property to get the name of a file on a client to upload by using the FileUpload control. The file name that this property returns does not include the path of the file on the client. The FileContent property gets a Stream object that points to a file to upload.

How check file extension is valid or not in C#?