Are Del-Ton barrels chrome lined?

Del-Ton’s 16-inch barrel is manufactured from quality chrome moly vanadium and given a quality black-manganese phosphate finish. Choose from unlined or hard-chrome-lined bores. All of Del-Ton’s 16-inch AR barrel options use a mid-length gas system and are chambered to 5.56 NATO.

Are Del-Ton rifles mil-spec?

Del-Ton includes a mil-spec triggerguard and an aluminum magazine release button. The mil-spec receiver extension tube houses an H-buffer and accommodates an adjustable M4-type buttstock. With the polymer buttstock fully extended, the rifle’s overall length is 35.58 inches; collapsed, it’s 32.25 inches.

Are Del-Ton lowers any good?

I have built 4 rifles off these lowers. I have built 4 rifles, and 1 pistol off of the delton lowers, fit and finish is great, mated tight with the rra upper, no wobble. All the machining was great, no issues, I plan to purchase more of these lowers in the future. I would definately recommend.

Are Del-Ton AR15 mil-spec?

Del-Ton uses top quality, US made, mil-spec parts. AR15 rifle kits come with upper assembly, lower parts kit and buttstock in the AR-15 rifle kit.

Where are del ton rifles made?

Elizabethtown, N.C.
Based in Elizabethtown, N.C., all rifles and components for Del-Ton products are made in the U.S.A. and Del-Ton rifles carry a lifetime warranty for the original purchaser. Visit for detailed product information.

What is a HBAR barrel?

HBAR stands for heavy barrel, or heavy barrel automatic rifle. This type of barrel has a consistent heavier barrel wall thickness than standard issue, and is a common upgrade for AR15 type rifles.

Can a Del-ton AR 15 shoot 223?

Chambered in 5.56 NATO, it will also shoot . 223 ammo.

Where are del-ton rifles made?

Are Delton lowers mil spec?

Del-Ton, Inc. uses U.S made mil-spec parts for all lower receiver parts and accessories. We proudly manufacture all of our pieces here in the U.S using the best materials available!

What does Del-ton stand for?

Meaning:from the valley town; the settlement in the valley.

Is Del-ton AR 15?

Del-Ton, Incorporated offers a variety of rifles that shoot 5.56 caliber rounds. The 5.56 rifle is popular in so many settings; from weekend range warriors to seasoned field operators, it seems like everyone wants a quality AR15 5.56 firearm system.

What kind of barrel does Del-Ton make?

Whether you want a 16-inch heavy profile barrel or a lightweight 20-inch barrel, Del-Ton has the barrels shooters want. Choose Chrome Moly Vanadium barrels with hard chrome lining or an unlined barrel. You can get either one rifled with a 1 in 9 twist.

What kind of barrels come with extension and front sight base?

AR15 barrels come with extension, and front sight base. AR-15 barrels are mil-spec. Chrome lined or chrome molly AR15 barrels available. Del-Ton, Inc. offers a comprehensive selection of AR 15 barrels.

What kind of barrels are available for AR-15s?

AR-15 barrels are mil-spec. Chrome lined or chrome molly AR15 barrels available. Del-Ton, Inc. offers a comprehensive selection of AR 15 barrels.