Are Mufti Jeans good?

The brand is good and its quality of the clothes is also very good but the price of the product is too high. But in the comparison with its quality and durability and ranges the price is manageable. The mufti is a good range of branded clothes.

Is Mufti a brand?

Since its inception, Mufti has evolved as a brand that offered casualwear strongest in the shirt and denim categories; to one that now offers a range of T-shirts, shorts, joggers, outerwear, blazers and some accessories also.

Is Mufti an Indian company?

Mufti is Mumbai, India based men clothing fashion brand, which was founded by Kamal Khushlani in 1998. The company was started with a RS 10,000 loan from Khushlani’s maternal aunt.

What is the price of Mufti jeans?

View updated prices of Mufti Jeans in India as on 11 April 2022. The Price List includes a total of 99 Mufti Jeans for online shopping….Mufti Jeans Price list in India (April 2022)

Mufti Blue Super Slim Fit Jeans Rs.1,415
Mufti Blue Boot Cut Fit Jeans Rs.1,199

Who is the brand ambassador of Mufti?

Kartik Aaryan
Mufti celebrates 20 Years of fashion excellence with superstar brand ambassador, Kartik Aaryan. It was an evening to remember at the fashion show celebrating Mufti’s 20 glorious years in the industry.

What is dressed in mufti?

Mufti is plain or ordinary clothes, especially when worn by one who normally wears, or has long worn, a military or other uniform, such as a school uniform. It is also called civies and civvies (slang for “civilian attire”).

Who is the founder of Mufti?

Mr. Kamal Khushlani
The brand was founded in 1998 by Mr. Kamal Khushlani. Mufti is the largest Indian denim brand and is ranked as the 4th ”Most Admired Casualwear Brand” in the country. Mufti is marketed and distributed by its parent company ” Credo Brands Marketing Pvt Ltd”.

What are super slim jeans?

The super slim fit jeans fits tightly over the entire leg and narrows towards the ankle.

What is the price of denim jeans?

Online Shopping at Myntra Price List

Online Shopping at Myntra PRICE (RS)
WROGN Men Grey Skinny Fit Mid-Rise Clean Look Stretchable Jeans Rs. 1539
SASSAFRAS Women Blue Pure Cotton Jogger High-Rise Non-Stretchable Clean Look Jeans Rs. 799
Calvin Klein Jeans Men Blue Skinny Fit Heavy Fade Stretchable Jeans Rs. 5599

Why is own clothes day called mufti?

Answer: It’s an Indian term. It came back from the Army serving in India. Answer: Mufti is of Arabic origin, it’s a legal advisor in Islamic law. In the Music Hall era, people would dress up as Mufti, in traditional garb, which because of the Ottoman empire was a fez with a tassle and a dressing gown.