Are there fake Mac products?

MAC Cosmetics has the largest fake market in the world. And you will be really amazed to see how beautifully people make these counterfeit MAC products, most of the time they are so close to the real ones that it can even give the biggest MAC experts a run for their money.

Is Strawberrynet Australia?

We are a Hong Kong based company, operating since 1998 and currently supplying customers in over 200 different countries.

How can you tell the difference between real and fake Mac Foundation?

Check out the swatch of the FAKE MAC MSF in Light. It’s too white and pigmented. MAC Skinfinish Natural powders yield a sheerand almost skin- like finish, while the fake MSF is too thick and white! On the other hand, the authentic MAC MSF Natural is very light, and finish is not chalky unlike the Fake MSF Natural.

Does Nykaa sell fake MAC?

3) Last but not least, clearing everyone’s doubts – Nykaa is a 100% genuine company who would never sent any fakes. So be assured whatever you get from Nykaa is proper original product.

How can you tell if a MAC product is real?

How To Recognize A Fake MAC Product

  1. Colour. If you’re a newbie buying your first MAC product, it might be a slightly difficult task to separate the fake from the real product.
  2. Logo Font. The shape, size, and name of the product may be the same, but that’s where the similarity ends.
  3. Swatch.
  4. Packaging.
  5. Price.

How can I tell if my MAC product is original?

When buying makeup from stores always ensure you test the product. A real MAC lipstick will be soft, smooth and have a buttery sheen to it. A fake one will look less impressive and will exude a chemical odour or have no smell at all.

Who is Strawberrynet?

Our site is the first truly international beauty site that offers top brands at discounted prices. We believe in providing a streamlined shopping experience so that you can purchase your favourite skin care, makeup, hair care, and fragrances at the prices you love.

Is Nykaa sell fake products?

Nykaa doesn’t sell fake products but do sell old products.

Is Amazon selling fake products?

When you scan through products on Amazon, the majority are not sold by Amazon, but by third-party sellers. Historically, Amazon has not carefully policed the authenticity of the products sold by these merchants. “Amazon does not do audits of distributors that claim to be selling original products,” Handfield says.

Is MAC Made in Italy?

Italy – the majority of baked products are made in Italy, from Hourglass, to MAC, and all the way to drugstore brands like Milani.

Is your Skincare from Strawberry net fake?

SkinMedica® outlines that by obtaining their skincare from, the products are ‘diverted,’ meaning they are either diluted, expired or counterfeit. Australian style blogger, Fashion Hayley found out that was fake the hard way, watch her demonstrate how the MAC eyeliner she bought doesn’t stack up to the original.

Is StrawberryNet legit or scam?

People can be assured that the products they buy here are genuine and original. Maybe the only negative aspect about the today is that they are not yet accredited nor rated by the Better Business Bureau.

Did Murad file a lawsuit against StrawberryNet?

And apologies to anyone who believes otherwise, but that old adage rings true in this case. Murad, Inc. (a dermatologist-developed skincare brand) filed a United States Federal Court lawsuit against the owners and operators of for selling unofficially obtained Murad-branded items in 2010.

What are the negative aspects of StrawberryNet?

Maybe the only negative aspect about the today is that they are not yet accredited nor rated by the Better Business Bureau. Many of their existing customers know that the website can be trusted but potential visitors have a hard time making this decision because of having no BBB accreditation.