Can I return an opened movie to Best Buy?

Entertainment products. Opened physical copies of computer software, movies, music, video games, books, video game guides and sheet music can only be exchanged for an identical item.

Does Best Buy have a TV restocking fee?

There is no restocking fee for a TV returned to Best Buy, whether new or opened. Best Buy allows customers to return the opened TV as long as all aspects of the TV return policy are met.

What is the restocking fee for Best Buy?

Also, Does Best Buy have a restocking fee? Restocking fees. A restocking fee of 15% of the item’s purchase price applies to drones, DSLR cameras and lenses, mirrorless cameras and lenses, leg and body recovery systems, premium camcorders, projectors, projector screens, and special-order products.

Can I return a TV to Best Buy if I don’t like it?

If you need to exchange your TV for a model that fits: You can either box up your TV and bring it back to a Best Buy store for exchange, or we’ll deliver the right size directly to you. Delivery for the newly exchanged TV is free.

How do I get around my restocking fee?

The best way to avoid a restocking fee is to find out the policy before making a purchase. Check with the retailer or seller about the following points: How long you have to return your purchase without any financial penalties.

Does Best Buy check their returns?

What is this? Best Buy will check for the serial numbers of return items as soon as a customer requests a return during the return and exchange period. Besides the serial number, Best Buy will need to check the proof of purchase before processing the return request.

Can you get banned from Best Buy?

Best Buy’s return policy says most products can be returned within 15 days for a refund or exchange, but the company doesn’t always follow its own policy.

How long do you have to return a TV to Best Buy?

What is Best Buy’s TV return policy? TVs are treated like every other item and must be returned within 15 days. Assuming there is no damage to the TV and you have all the packing material you can return your tv at Best Buy for 15 days like most items.