Can the Hulk be killed?

Although Marvel retconned the Hulk to be immortal, it does not prohibit him from being able to die, or at least be killed.

Who is the dumbest superhero?

  1. 1 Arm-Fall-Off Boy. In keeping with the theme of super-literal superhero monikers, this DC Comics character gets his name from the fact that he can literally detach his own arm and use it to beat up villains.
  2. 2 Rainbow Girl.
  3. 3 Matter-Eater Lad.
  4. 4 Bouncing Boy.
  5. 5 Hindsight Lad.
  6. 6 Stone Boy.
  7. 7 Almighty Dollar.
  8. 8 NFL SuperPro.

How smart is Richard Reeds?

Abilities. Super-Genius Intelligence: Dr. Richards is one of the most intelligent beings on the planet. Reed possesses a mastery of electrical, mechanical and aerospace engineering, electronics, chemistry, all levels of physics, and human and alien biology.

Who is the smartest person in DC?

Lex Luthor

Who is the smartest avenger?

15 Smartest Characters In The MCU

  1. 1 Tony Stark. No one in the MCU is smarter than Tony Stark.
  2. 2 Shuri. T’Challa’s sister Shuri has been declared the smartest character in the MCU by the Russo brothers directing team, and there’s a lot of evidence to back this up.
  3. 3 Rocket Raccoon.
  4. 4 Supreme Intelligence.
  5. 5 Bruce Banner.
  6. 6 T’Challa.
  7. 7 Hank Pym.
  8. 8 Vision.

Is Moon Girl smarter than Reed Richards?

Moon Girl is canonically smarter than Reed Richards. She’s also 9, and from what appears to be a lower income family in downtown New York.

Is DC richer than Marvel?

Spoiler alert: There’s a lot more Marvel movies than DC movies, and they made a lot more money. Marvel has produced 48 movies, which grossed $11.8 billion in North America. DC has 29 movies, totaling just under $6.7 billion. However, break down that data and you’ll see it comes with several caveats.

Who is the richest DC character?

12 Richest DC Characters – Ranking their Net Worth

  1. Aquaman. Net Worth: $150 Trillion.
  2. Batman. Net Worth: $80 Billion.
  3. Lex Luthor. Net Worth: $75 Billion.
  4. Green Arrow. Net Worth: $7 Billion.
  5. Ozymandias (Watchmen) Net Worth: $7 Billion.
  6. Blue Beetle. Net Worth: $5 Billion.
  7. Maxwell Lord. Net Worth: $3.8 Billion.
  8. Booster Gold. Net Worth: Unknown.

Is Dr Strange more powerful than Captain Marvel?

In terms of overall power level, Dr. Strange far outclasses Captain Marvel. Dr. Strange is the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth’s dimension — literally the mightiest sorcerer in the entire universe.

Why did Wanda lose her accent?

The Russo brothers, who directed Infinity War and Endgame, once said that Wanda intentionally dropped the accent because she was training to be a spy and the accent would give her away.

Is Reed Richards smarter than Tony Stark?

It’s difficult to determine who is smarter between Reed Richards and Victor von Doom, for they have both demonstrated the ability to accomplish feats and solve problems that other Marvel minds had never dreamt of going. However, it’s safe to say that they both are a bit smarter than Tony Stark.

Who is richer Wayne or stark?

In fact, the final Fictional 15 Rich List that Forbes printed in 2013 actually placed Tony Stark above Batman, estimating his worth is $12.4 billion. Bruce Wayne, meanwhile, was estimated to be worth $9.2 billion.

Why is Aquaman so rich?

As the king of Atlantis, Aquaman rules over 70% of the Earth’s surface and technically owns everything within the seven seas. That means all the gold, oil, diamonds, rubies, etc. yet to be found in the ocean belongs to him. In shipwreck treasure alone, Aquaman estimates he has $60 billion.

What superhero has the highest IQ?

The Hulk

How much is Robert Downey Junior’s net worth?

As of 2021, Robert Downey Jr.’s net worth is estimated to be $300 million.

Is Tony Stark a trillionaire?

Tony Stark – Net Worth: $12.4 billion Tony Stark, otherwise known as Iron Man, narrowly edges out Wayne in the battle of billionaire playboys.

How powerful is Reed Richards?

Reed Richards is not naturally too strong. He is told as having normal human strength by most databases. However, he has been shown to be capable of changing the build of his body to attain strength comparable to the Thing.

Is Reed Richards the smartest Marvel character?

Reed Richards, or Mr. Fantastic, premiered in 1961’s Fantastic Four #1 and was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby as they had a desire to create a team of superheroes who are also a family. Reed has been portrayed as the smartest man in the Marvel Universe for much of the Marvel’s history.

Who is the smartest female superhero?

Top 10 Smartest Marvel Women

  1. Valeria Richards. She is said to have an IQ greater than even her father’s, Valeria has shown great promise even from such a young age.
  2. Moon Girl. Despite the hype of being the smartest hero, I do’t think she quite belongs there yet.
  3. Nadia van Dyne.
  4. Ironheart.
  5. Shuri.
  6. Dr.
  7. Moira MacTaggert.
  8. Monica Rappaccini.

Does Reed Richards have autism?

As of 2012’s Fantastic Four Season One graphic novel by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, Reed Richards has diagnosed himself with autism, though he is also developing a cure for it.

What is Reed Richards IQ?


Is Ray Palmer a billionaire?

The Arrowverse Ray Palmer was once the CEO of his own company, Palmer Technologies, which he uses to fuel his crusade to build a suit of armor to fight crime. While his exact net worth is unknown, he had enough to buy Queen Consolidated.

Is Thor richer than Black Panther?

If he actually flexed his wealth he would send the planet into an economic tailspin. So, while Thor is wealthier as far as gold goes, Black Panther has more power and leverage. Thor is by far the richest,the wealth of asgard is like an ocean compared to the mere drop of water that is the wealth of the king of Wakanda.

Is Dr Strange most powerful Avenger?

Through supreme talent and intelligence, the former surgeon has assumed a position as the Ancient One’s successor, and his involvement in the Avengers proves he’s more powerful than any of his mystic friends, but Strange’s rise to prominence in the magic circle has been rapid nonetheless.

Who is the most powerful Avenger?

Scarlet Witch

Who is the richest superhero in Marvel and DC?

Black Panther

Who is richer Ironman or Batman?

Sorry, Iron Man, Batman is the richest superhero around, according to British bank Vanquis. The bank has come up with a way to calculate just how much the alter-egos of Marvel and DC superheroes earn, with Bruce Wayne coming up tops ahead of Tony Stark.

Is Batman a trillionaire?

Bruce Wayne is technically a Trillionaire with billions in liquid Assets.