Coursework is an assignment every student should go through. There are special details you should consider during writing. If you want to achieve the best results, writing your paper, you should avoid mistakes. This article is aimed to list common mistakes and help you to make your paper well-written.

  • Be specific
    A lot of students write off their essays because they can’t choose one narrow topic to cover. They start into different themes and lose their way. So, choose a topic and stick to it, be sure that you can find enough information. Just stay focused, it will help you to save a lot of time.
  • Poor introduction
    The introduction should provide information about the entire work. Students usually forget that this part must draw readers’ attention, that’s why try to write the main part and then, create the introduction, which answers the questions about the body of your paper.
  • Argumentation
    During the main part of the work, you should support ideas with strong arguments, write down all your ideas and think them over. Sometimes, people forget about its importance and fail with the whole work.
  • Conclusion
    People make the most important mistake when the write a conclusion because they summarize the essay, but they should analyze it. Remember that every coursework has a problem and you should offer a solution in the end.
  • Copyright
    Every student takes information from different sources, but if you want to quote someone, don’t forget to make a quotation properly, pointing out its author and add information to the bibliography.

Formatting requirements

Even mistakes in organizing bibliography can spoil your work. If you want to get the highest mark, be sure that you know all the rules. Visit your university’s website and find information on formatting requirements.


This essay is an academic work, you shouldn’t use:

  1. Slang.
  2. Obsolete words.
  3. Repetitions.
  4. Passive constructions.
  5. Clichés.
  6. Contractions.

Be careful with this issues and check everything.


Copying someone’s work is the worst thing you can do. Nowadays professors have modern software to check papers for plagiarism. If you hesitate on something or need help, you can get it on the Internet. For example, is a website where you can get professional help with your paper. The website has a wide range of services. You can get help with business writing, editing your work and different types of essay. All you need to do is:

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No check made

Spelling and grammar mistakes can spoil all impression of you. A low-quality writing doesn’t deserve a good mark. Here are some tips for you:

1. Mind subject-verb agreement.

The subject and verb of a sentence must be sequenced with each other.

2. Avoid incomplete sentences.

These are sentences which don’t have one independent clause.

3. Don’t forget about punctuation.

Commas, apostrophes and other punctuation marks are important.

4. Avoid usage of a wrong word.

There are a lot of words in English which can be confused, use a dictionary to be sure in the usage of a word.

5. Make transition sentences.

Each sentence must be related to the previous one. Linking words and phrases can help with it.

6. Try to avoid complex sentences.

Your work must be written in a simple way, try to express your ideas with your own language.

Don’t be lazy, check your work several times, there are a lot of online sources where you can see all the mistakes you’ve made.

The completion of coursework helps a student to express his thoughts, ideas and skills. During the process of writing, students should find a lot of information and process it. The article was made for students, who want to save their time. We tried to show all common mistakes for you, if you know what they are, it would be easier for you to avoid them. Be attentive, use vocabularies, study rules and write a worthy essay.