Did Jodi Arias get a new trial?

Jodi Arias won’t get new trial, despite prosecutor Juan Martinez’s ‘egregious’ court behavior. PHOENIX – A nationally known murderer will stay behind bars despite the prosecutor’s “egregious” misconduct during the trial, the Arizona Court of Appeals has ruled.

How many hours was the Jodi Arias trial?

26 hours
The 11 jurors who voted for the death penalty have condemned Juror 17. They say she made few comments during their 26 hours of deliberations over five days.

What was the final sentence for Jodi Arias?

life in prison
Because a second jury was deadlocked in the penalty phase of Arias’ case, the death penalty was taken off the table, and a judge sentenced her to life in prison without the possibility of parole in April 2015. Before her sentencing, Arias expressed remorse.

When Did Jodi Arias go to trial?

Jodi Arias is perhaps one of the most notorious women in contemporary true crime. She smiled in her mugshot, sang “O Holy Night” while in police custody, and was convicted of first-degree murder in 2013 in the trial of her former boyfriend, Travis Alexander.

Where is Jodi Arias now?

As of 2021, Arias is housed at the Arizona Department of Corrections #281129, which is located at Arizona State Prison Complex – Perryville.

Was Jodi Arias intelligent?

NEW CRIME SCENE PHOTOS: Warning Graphic Images Of Travis Alexander Crime Scene. The psychologist went on to reveal that Arias, 32, was of above-average intelligence and in the the verbal comprehension test she scored 136, which is “very superior.”

What did Jodi Arias suffer from?

Instead, DeMarte said that Arias suffered from borderline personality disorder, showing signs of immaturity and an “unstable sense of identity.” People who suffer from such a disorder “have a terrified feeling of being abandoned by others,” DeMarte told jurors.