Do bergenia plants spread?

Bergenia foliage is mostly evergreen in milder climates, exhibiting a rich bronze color in the fall and winter….How to Grow Bergenia Plants.

Botanical Name Bergenia cordifolia
Plant Type Hardy perennial
Mature Size 1 to 2 feet tall and wide
Sun Exposure Part shade to full shade
Soil Type Moist and rich loam or clay

Is bergenia annual or perennial?

evergreen perennial
Native to Siberia, Bergenia cordifolia (Heartleaf Bergenia) is a clump-forming evergreen perennial noted for its incredible hardiness and vigor. Borne on thick red stems in early spring, erect clusters of deep-pink flowers rise above a rosette of leathery, shiny, heart-shaped leaves.

How do you look after bergenia?

How to grow bergenia. Grow bergenias in sun, partial shade or shade, in well drained soil. Mulch annually after flowering to promote good leaf growth and divide congested clumps in spring or autumn every few years. Deadhead after flowering and remove any tatty leaves to keep plants looking tidy.

How do you fertilize bergenia?

Bergenias can grow in various soil conditions, but gardening experts recommend planting them in soil with a high humus content and good drainage for the best results. Once each year in the spring, apply a slow-release, general-purpose fertilizer once you see new growth on the plants.

Does bergenia grow in shade?

Tough, hardy and easy to grow, bergenias are often under-rated, but provide valuable evergreen ground cover, even in tricky sites. These versatile perennials thrive in sun or shade, coping in most soil types, including dry conditions.

Does bergenia like sun or shade?

Does bergenia need sun or shade?

Most bergenias are very adaptable and can be planted in sun or partial shade. They can also be planted in deep shade, where they will still produce impressive leaves, but flowering may be reduced.

Why does my bergenia not flower?

If your bergenia doesn’t flower, this is probably due to the fact that the soil is too rich, and/or that it lacks direct sun in winter. If this is the case, you must transfer the location of your bergenia in fall.