Do you need a chainstay protector?

Chains hit the chainstay all the time. Every hole, bump, jump or bounce on your bike will result in a chain slap on the chainstay. Whether it’s the annoying rattle the chain makes when it hits the stay, or the paint that’s chipping away on your frame, it’s always good to have a chainstay protector.

Do road bikes need a chainstay protector?

Unless you ride over pavé roads 24/7 or this is a cyclocross setup, you should not really need a chainstay protector on a road bike. On a mountain bike, however, they’re a necessity.

How do you remove a chain stay protector?

If you can get the frame protector off olive oil is generally a very good adhesive remover. So is WD40, TriFlow, or any light oil.

What is the use of chain stay protector?

NICEDACK Chainstay Protector preserve your bike’s resale value. The removable ones help capture some of the grease and grime, making cleanup easier.

What can I use as a chainstay protector?

Chainstay protectors are relatively cheap but you can also cobble something together yourself for about flumpence. The one we’re showcasing involves attaching a couple of rubber rings to the stay with zip-ties but you can also do something with padded 3M tape, an old inner tube or heat shrink.

How can I make my bike chain quieter?

Keep your Chain Lubed and Clean and Re-grease Derailleur or Chain Guide Pulleys/Jockey Wheels.

  1. First thing’s first, check to make sure your chain is clean and well-lubed.
  2. Remove chain tension by engaging the “clutch” on your SRAM MTB derailleur or removing the chain from the chain ring.

What does a chain stay do?

Longer chainstays increase the wheelbase of the bike, with a number of effects. More stability: A longer chainstay and longer wheelbase helps to make the bike more stable at high speeds.

What is a bike chain stay protector?

Save your stay What’s odd is we’ve been putting chainstay protectors on bikes for about 30 years so it’s shocking that modern hardtails often don’t come with them. The simplest chainstay protector is a piece of clear tape, like sticky backed plastic. It’s thin and it will stop chipping for a while.