Does James Hardie use Sherwin Williams colors?

If you have James Hardie fiber cement siding with any of its ColorPlus® Technology colors, Sherwin Williams can match any of those colors. That fact is a huge advantage. You want your home to look great as a whole and match in color.

What colors can you get in Hardie board?

Arctic White.

  • Cobble Stone.
  • Monterey Taupe.
  • Khaki Brown.
  • Pearl Gray.
  • Gray Slate.
  • Boothbay Blue.
  • Evening Blue.
  • What kind of paint do you use on James Hardie siding?

    acrylic latex paint
    Use 100% acrylic paint or acrylic latex paint. Apply up to two coats of paint. Use a paintable caulk made to bond to fiber cement and your trim.

    Can Hardie board be painted a different color?

    Can You Change The Color Of Hardie Board? It is possible, and you should try. Enhancing the lifespan of Hardie board siding can also significantly improve its appearance. For exterior doors and windows, you usually need to do it within two years of installation, so that the work doesn’t take up too much time.

    What color is pearl gray?

    A slinky silver-gray buoyed by a touch a blue. LRV, or Light Reflectance Value, is a measurement commonly used by design professionals—such as architects and interior designers—that expresses the percentage of light reflected from a surface.

    Who makes arctic white paint?

    James Hardie Arctic White Satin Water-Based Exterior Paint Kit (Actual Net Contents: 16-fl oz)

    What is the most popular James Hardie color?

    What Are the Most Popular James Hardie Siding Colors?

    • Gray Slate.
    • Khaki Brown.
    • Light Mist.
    • Monterey Taupe.
    • Mountain Sage.
    • Navajo Beige.
    • Night Gray. As darker shades become more and more popular, you can break the mold of light gray homes with Night Gray.
    • Timber Bark. A brown house doesn’t have to be ugly.

    Does James Hardie siding fade?

    Outstanding UV Resistance But James Hardie gives you a durable paint finish that resists fading. Your gorgeous color stays vibrant due to the built-in UV resistance.

    How often do you need to paint hardiplank?

    every ten to twenty years
    Hardie Plank is also called fiber cement siding. While it’s far heavier than aluminum, vinyl or wood, it is extremely durable and typically only needs a new paint every ten to twenty years for maintenance. It is one of the best materials and long-term solutions for protecting your home.

    Can you use a roller to paint Hardie board?

    A good quality roller will help you apply in even, smooth strokes, covering as much space as possible at one time. Just don’t hurry this process; it’s best to go slow. Painting is an art! When applying paint to your fiber cement siding, don’t make the mistake of putting too much paint on your brush.

    Does painting Hardie board void the warranty?

    Before you start painting, you should be aware that repainting James Hardie ColorPlus siding will void your existing finish warranty. However, repainting only voids your 15-year ColorPlus warranty, not your full James Hardie material warranty!

    What did Sean Gadd do at James Hardie?

    Sean Gadd joined James Hardie in 2004 as a Regional Engineering Manager for the Asia Pacific business, and progressed to Plant Manager for both the Carole Park and Rosehill facilities in Australia. Mr. Gadd then moved to the US in 2006 to take the role of Manufacturing Manager for Trim and various manufacturing facilities across the US.

    Is James Hardie a good brand of siding?

    As America’s No. 1 brand of siding, James Hardie continues to set the standard in premium, high performance exterior cladding. To learn more about James Hardie, visit Attendees of the International Builders’ Show can see the Aspyre Collection in booth W3416 in Orlando, Florida.

    What is James Hardie known for?

    James Hardie, the global leader in fiber cement technology, has been furthering founder James Hardie’s innovative, entrepreneurial legacy around the world for more than 125 years. It invented fiber cement siding products in the early 1980s as a durable, lower-maintenance alternative to wood and vinyl.

    How many panels are in the Hardie™ architectural collection?

    The first generation of the Hardie™ Architectural Collection debuted with a suite of five premium Hardie® Architectural Panels in distinct textures inspired by nature, as well as fifteen metal Hardie™ Architectural Trims.