Does University of Alaska Fairbanks have dorms?

UAF offers a wide variety of residence hall style, apartment and duplex style options for undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and staff. The cost of living on-campus at UAF is different depending on the type of room and building you choose to live in.

Is University of Alaska Fairbanks a good school?

UAF is the only national university in Alaska, according to U.S. News and World Report’s 2022 rankings. In fact, Times Higher Education ranked UAF a top 10 U.S. school for quality education in their 2022 impact rankings, and among the world’s best small universities in 2021.

What is the flagship University of Alaska?

University of Alaska Fairbanks
University of Alaska Fairbanks, the first university and flagship; University of Alaska Southeast, located in the capital city of Juneau, with campuses in Sitka and Ketchikan and the smallest by enrollment….University of Alaska system.

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How many campus sites are in the University of Alaska system?

The UA system’s three universities (UAA, UAF and UAS) are separately accredited institutions with 13 community campuses and extended learning centers across the state of Alaska.

How much is tuition at UAF?

In-state tuition 7,176 USD, Out-of-state tuition 21,312 USD (2019 – 20)University of Alaska Fairbanks / Undergraduate tuition and fees

Where do I send my transcripts to UAF?

To be considered official, transcripts must arrive in sealed envelopes from the institution, submitted electronically through a secure transcript service or sent directly from your high school official to [email protected]

What is University of Alaska known for?

UAA offers more than 100 degree and certificate programs that consistently prepare students for success after graduation. State-of-the-art classroom instruction and hands-on learning collide in UAA’s innovative academic programs, which feature unique courses that train students to lead Alaska into the future.

Is university free in Alaska?

Alaska’s universities are consistently rated as some of the most affordable in the United States. In-state undergraduate tuition and fees are approximately $9,800 (2021-22); out-of-state undergraduate tuition and fees are $26,730 (2021-22).