How do I access Waterford at home?

Look for an email from [email protected]. 3. Open it and click on Click Here to Activate Your Waterford Home Access. 4.

Does Waterford have an app?

Access the Waterford Early Learning award-winning curriculum for PreK-2 from an iPad. With this app, teachers can now easily integrate Waterford into classroom centers that use iPad and take advantage of mobile flexibility during Waterford sessions.

How old is Waterford Upstart?

Waterford Upstart uses adaptive software to provide online early education support to four-year-olds. Since its inception in Utah in 2009, Waterford Upstart has grown to serve over 90,000 children across 28 states.

What is Waterford Smart Start?

SmartStart draws on Waterford’s award-winning adaptive early learning curriculum to teach kindergarten readiness skills like letter recognition and sounds, comprehension and vocabulary. The software individualizes instruction to each student’s needs and pace, making it an ideal tool to reach all early learners.

How long is Waterford Upstart?

How long does Waterford Upstart last? Most participants will use Waterford Upstart during the traditional school year (September 1 through May 31).

What states use Waterford Upstart?

Totaling $14.2 million, the five-year grant will enable the Waterford Institute to launch Waterford UPSTART pilot programs in Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Idaho, and Montana, affording children in each of these states complimentary access to the leading kindergarten readiness program.

Who funds Waterford Upstart?

This is exactly what happened in Utah, where Waterford UPSTART began. After seeing strong results, the state opted to fund the program, which now serves 30% of all Utah’s 4-year-old children.

Can you use an iPad with Waterford upstart?

No. Waterford Upstart is not currently compatible with tablets or phones.